Return of the PTR

i don’t have option for PTR in launcher. Any advice?

I believe there will be an option whenever it is updated. Cydra did say that more info is to come.

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Please send out emails reminding users about PTR otherwise this probably wont work as well as you want too.
I strongly suggest this.

This is live now. Have a great weekend!


Where is the PTR / How do you join the server? I don’t see it anywhere.

The Blizzard Launcher will update after a time, but you can force it by closing and re-opening it.
Then there will be a dropdown above the Launch button. You can change that to Public Test Realm.

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Thanks I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Option menu is too slow when opened the first time.

After several tests, it is safe to say that whatever graphical changes you made has 100% fixed my FPS(Frames per second) issues in the game that I have been having since Remastered, basically at any given point in any (regular) game, the game drops below 50 FPS for a duration of 5-10 seconds, making the game unplayable because the mouse freezes, this issue is fixed however on the PTR. Some others said that you force Direct X 10, is this why?

Whatever it is, you fixed my FPS issues and i’m sure many other issues as well, it stays at a consistent 300 FPS now, thank you, please push this change out, it works!


Time will tell but right now PTR does seem to feel more snappy. I have to play more with it to see if my sporadic input lag issue is gone.

Wow! Great job, menus are super-fast, now I can play with remastered graphics on built in laptop Intel’s UHD Graphics 620! Off-PTR remastered graphics caused lots of glitches and only SD graphics were playable. You brought SC:R to a whole bunch of work-only laptop people. How cool is that? :slight_smile:

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Only issue I’m having so far is that for PTR cloud settings are not loaded. Always says Download Failed after authentication screen and all the settings reset to default. Hate that cartoon mode is enabled by default by the way. :frowning:

Cartoon mode isn’t enabled by default for me, and what does it matter if PTR doesn’t have cloud settings? lol It is a PTR, it isn’t permanent man.

Does this change move us any closer to team match making? (Please say yes)

What is the purpose of the update? In the OP I see techno babble followed by “graphics performance improvements” and then cringe.
What’s this path lead to? When does the team deliver some enhancements to the experience beyond “performance improvements”?
When will the team focus on playability improvements?

tested for about 5 minutes. seems like same experience for me which is a good thing. I have to run in full screen mode on my computer for it to be smooth, but I have a weird setup, where I’m using G-Sync on my video card but my monitor isn’t G-Sync compatible. So it’s same as before for me (again, a good thing). Looks like there’s great news that others have their performance improved by quite a lot it seems.

Well done! PTR version runs smoothly both in main menu as well as in game. Unfortunately, many ramps still look awful like a square mass. Is there any chance to correct this?

Hi there,
I installed the PTR today and ran one test single player game on it since couldn’t find opponents.
Seems to work well, the menus feel much more responsive, which is definitely my biggest gripe with remastered as to how much worse the experience became.

Now I have to ask a really crazy question though. Since I’ve installed PTR and switched back to playing normal Non-PTR build, my computer has frozen/crashed 3x while playing starcraft, like major black screen, no graphical response crashes that force me to hard restart my computer.
Is there any possibility of the PTR causing this? I’ve literally changed nothing else on my setup and this only occurred after PTR install.

@Armathai, I would try right clicking the launcher icon and running as an administrator.

The ramps on maps such as La Mancha (and others with ramps going from the bottom to the top) look that way due to the mapping program used. The gross square masses are not ramps, but rather sprites used from ramps, which makes them look quite bad.

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Thanks developers for this change! Performance is so much better on MacOS Mojave – very noticeable improvement in both UI and in-game snappiness.