Request: features for campaign making

Everyone has little requests, so here’s mine.
You know how in the main SP campaign you get an image with text before an scenario, and sometimes, green text over black background and movies. How hard would it be to implement those?
I mean, it would be cool to have for Precursors the same black text that was in the SC demo, or instead of having the Epilogue mission in Enslavers II, with Artanis talking, have a green text after defeating Ulrezaj.

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Those are controlled by txt files, so it isn’t much of a problem to do. Of course, you would need samase to pack them into a mod, and probably you would want mtl plugin to set up custom campaign mission sequence.

I’ll take a look at samase, it seems pretty interesting. But it seems that a lot of things can only be done via mods or (former) staredit exploits. I mean, this should be an option, as the original loomings in the demo had green text.

You might as well start learning how to mod because there’s no way we’re getting that kind of thing officially until the next millenia.