A StarCraft: Brood War game database, replay sharing and analyzer site

Dear community, some of you may know me as the creator of many StarCraft related tools, such as Scelight, Sc2gears and BWHF (and many other tools for StarCraft and SC2). Let me present to you my newest creation: - A StarCraft: Brood War game database, replay sharing and analyzer site.


The following is a brief list of’s main features.

Multi-replay upload

You can easily upload single or multiple replays at once on the Upload page.
You may select a single or multiple replays in a folder.
You may also select a folder, and all replays within it will be uploaded (recursing down to subfolders too).
You can upload hundreds (or maybe thousands) of replays with the folder feature with a few clicks.

Replay and game detection

The site detects and handles if the same replay is uploaded multiple times, so you don’t have to worry about that.
Uploading the same replay multiple times does no harm.

The site also detects and handles if multiple replays of the same game are uploaded, replays from multiple participants of a game.
In fact, it is encouraged to upload replays even if the game already exists due to someone else’s replay from the game.
Having multiple replays of the same game allows to obtain and display more accurate information.

Comprehensive replay analyzer

A comprehensive replay analyzer right in your browser to show you what’s inside replays without having to download and watch.
This includes:

  • Showing key information about the game

  • Presenting highly customizable charts (like APM, Hotkeys, Build Orders, Strategy)

  • Summary about players

  • An animated map view of the game (showing builds over time). It’s like re-playing the game right in your browser!

  • A Build Orders table

  • Chat of the game

  • All of the commands issued by the players during the game

Replay tagging

You may upload replays anonymously, but it’s recommended to Login first,
so replays uploaded by you will be tagged automatically with “↑ My Uploads”.
There are several additional builtin, system tags that you can apply on games, such as “:heart: Favorite”, “:+1: GG”, “:-1: BM”, “:joy: LOL”, “:astonished: WOW”.
You can also add your own tags and fully customize them. You can hide / unide any tags at any time–even the builtin, system tags.
On the Games page you can select tags to list and filter your tagged games easily.

In-depth statistics

All kinds of stastics are gathered automatically from Players , Maps and Matchups.
These include number of games, record (wins-losses-unknown), races used, first and last games, weighted average APM, average game length etc.
Player and Map profile pages even break down these statistics by matchups, races, formats and game types.
Player profile pages also list the top playmates, with a link to list all playmates of the player.

Easy navigation, Popups

Many entities such as Players, Maps, Matchups, game formats, types, game dates have popups wherever they are displayed.
Clicking on these entities displays a popup with items to quickly go to Player and Map profile pages, list games of the entity, copy their name to the clipboard, or set them as filters when appropriate.

Passwordless login

You can use the site anonymously, but it’s recommended to Login. uses passwordless authentication: you never have to enter any passwords.
You provide your email address, and a one-time entry code is emailed to you.
You verify your email and login by copying the entry code from the email sent to you.

Sharable pages and links

You can save and share any link / page of
The link also “remembers” which tab you have had opened on the Game details,
or which search terms you have entered on the Games page, along with the results page number.


The site offers a fair amount of options and settings to customize charts and the map view.
These settings are saved and remembered locally (in your browser) even if you are not logged in.

User specific settings (including custom tags) can be viewed / edited on the Settings page (requires login).

As a sign of “good faith”, I’ve uploaded all my past replays that I could find. This means more than 12 thousand replays! Most of them is from the age before SC2, and most of them is played on BGH. If you played BGH back in those days, it’s likely you’re included in some of my games.


Great effort on your behalf, I will make sure to explore it further. Did a random search and found a 2v2 Lost Temple game I played with a friend last month, how did that get added? Just curious :slight_smile:

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All replays are uploaded voluntarily by the replay owners / holders. If one of your games is up there, then someone who were in your game uploaded his/her replay.

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Few suggestions:

1- The UI is similar to BWHF which is fine, but somehow I find my self lost between a lot of colored/linked elements that are not really intuitive/simple.
2- I wish the build order section filters the spam actions, and maybe provide icons for building/units instead of text (just like web site), so we can easily look at the bo then have a quick idea about how the game went.
3- More filtering option is definitely better, especially if you can develop an algorithm that can narrow the way for someone looking for a specific bo (like it was on BWChart - I can easily find all my replays that have bbs/12Nexus/DT, etc…).
4- I wish that either or exists, but anyway.
5- btw @ 1st I misconceived the purpose of “animated map view”, it’s a great thing programmatically/game-wise, but I’m not sure if a lot of the players will understand/appreciate the effort in it (many people could easily overlook it), so I suggest you advertise this feature as something like “quickly watch the replay live in your Internet browser”, amazing :boom: .

Great site/work indeed :+1:, thanks .

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Thanks for the constructive feedback, really appreciate it. I will use them to improve the site. Keep them coming.

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This may be a job without any reward, so thank you very much!

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Yes, that’s right. This is a personal project, no one pays me, I do this in my free time and I pay for the servers and replay storage from my own pocket, yet I offer it for free to all, and I put my expertise and heart in it. That being said, if you like it or you find it useful and you can afford it, donations are gladly accepted.


Yes, you can open a donation entrance on your website。We will come out a little meager power。

There is already a donation page on the site. Click on “Donate” in the menu.

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Uploaded a few hundred games that I’ve played with friends over the past two months, as well as some ladder games. I really love how you keep adding new features all the time - anything you’re working on right now? A filtering option for the player profiles would be really useful - I don’t really need the ‘Presence’ tab, for example, and that would help with making the page less cluttered.

Side-suggestion, but have you considered switching the colors for Protoss and Terran so they match the Liquipedia ones - blue for T and green for P?

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Yes, I’m working on new features (all the time), and I have a lot more ideas that will come true if there’s interest in the project. Hopefully I’m able to release the improvements today (even though the last update was yesterday), so you’ll know soon enough :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions, hiding certain columns is possible and might catch up to it one day. The color suggestion will most likely be included in the next (today’s) update.

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Ok i will support you

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OK, so here is the “promised” update.

Changes and new features:

  • Reduced the “links-hell” on the Games page.
    The links are gone for good, and they are replaced by Popups . Clicking on Player names, maps etc. will now open a small popup which allows you to set it as the filter.
  • The new Popups also give you the possibility to go to the Player and Map profile directly, or copy the names to the clipboard among other things!
  • You can now also quickly set the type of the listed games as the filter, with popups of course.
  • Game dates also received a popup, so you can quickly set the game date filter either as “Date from” or “Date to”.
  • The Popups are also added to the Game details, Players, Maps and Matchups pages (so basically to everywhere).
  • Switched colors of Protoss and Terran used in race distributions on the Players and Player profile pages to match Liquipedia’s colors.

Great stuff, thank you for the color update. I just uploaded two more games and one of them lists me as the loser even though I won, do you have an idea why?

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Replays do not store the information who won. I wrote some algorithms to detect winners based on what’s available in replays, but it never will be 100% accurate.

If you tell me which game is this, I can take a look and potentially improve the algorithm, but it may be there’s just not enough information recorded in the replay.

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Here is the game in question:


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Yes, as I suspected: not enough info in the replay. Since there are no Leave commands in it, and since you saved the replay, the algorithm assumes you left first (the player who leaves does not leave a “Leave” command in his/her own replay), and so the other player is declared winner.

If by any chance your opponent would also upload his replay, the system would match it with the one you already uploaded, and from the 2 replays it would have a higher chance to accurately detect the winner. So the system evolves naturally as more replays are uploaded.

Also, whenever I make improvements to the algorithms, I can apply it retrospectively to past replays, so the win ratio, statistics and all other displayed information improves and gets more accurate over time.

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Is the code for this project open source or on github?
Is there a way to contribute time?

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Time for another update:

Playmates statistics have arrived!

There is a new Playmates page which lists players who played in the same games. You can now see who players play with (or vs) the most, and you can see their records as allies (With) and as opponents (VS).

“List Playmates” has been added to player profiles, so you can quickly list playmates anywhere where players are displayed.

The Playmates page contains 2 players filters: Player A and Player B. To quickly find playmates of someone, simply enter his / her name into Player A.

To find playmates of multiple players, list them all in Player A.

To find a player pair, enter one player into Player A, an the other into Player B.

You may list multiple players in both A and B, and all combinations between A and B will be listed.

Player profile pages now also list the top playmates of the players.

Want to see who you played with or against the most? If you upload your replays, you will.

IlllIIlIIlll wrote:
Is the code for this project open source or on github?
Is there a way to contribute time?

The whole project is not open source (yet), but many parts of it are. Most importantly the replay parser engine is open source and is available here:

Other parts of and my other StarCraft related tools and projects are already open source, you can find them under my github account.


Supporting a few UMS communities would be awesome. For example keeping track of stats for x game and showing a leaderboards in points. This would help popularize your website immensely.