Replays created prior to 1.23 are not played back correctly

Apologies for the delayed response.
I’ll go through my replays and find one that’s not overly long to avoid file size issues. I’ll try and get it to you today if I can, and I’ll post here again when I do.

I just sent one titled: “2v2 zerg war”. It’s me and 3 computer players, one is my ally(orange player) and I’m the white player while the other 2 players are the other team. This one is good because it’s quite short and the issues are easy for me to point out.
I wipe out the purple player a few minutes in by building sunken colonies in his base and proceed to build a new base where his was. I distinctly remember having fights over the base with the other computer before I overwhelmed him.
When watching the replay before version 1.23, it would play correctly.

Here are the actual problems:
Around 8:00 or so, my units stop doing anything and my buildings are no longer producing anything as if I am not issuing commands, which I know isn’t what happened. This is made pretty evident when shortly after this, the teal player sends a group of Hydralisks to attack my new base. In the real game, I had produced units of my own to back up my sunken colonies(I believe I had just made some Zerglings) and made more buildings. What happens instead in the replay though is basically the Hydralisks coming in and having a brief skirmish with the sunken colonies before wiping out the base.
Later the match just ends without actually being finished. I know for a fact that I finished that match and took out the other computer player, but this isn’t shown in the replay. The length of the replay is correct though, just not what actually happens in it. Pretty much all of my replays, if not all of them have the same problems as this one.

The last post about me sending a broken replay in was a little more than two weeks ago. Has any progress been made? Did you receive the replay that I sent?

Yep, we’ve received the replay - thanks for that. However, the issue has not been investigated yet.

When was this replay created?

Hi there, just bumping this thread as I noticed a similar issue with one of my replays from last December. If it would help to have another example I can send it along with any other information (creation date/patch) requested.
Edit: I’m actually going to disagree with the thread name here, I played a game yesterday and it had the same bug occur so it’s broken for replays made on current patch too. The “break point” of the replay with what actually happened seems to come earlier based on the number of players/units, it was totally stable in a 10 min 1v1 vs AI but failed instantly 1v7 vs AI.


I’v experienced some really weird bugs with replays as well. Yesterday I was playing some really old replays (recorded before 1.16) with my friend. When I hosted a replay, it worked fine. However, after the first replay, my friend hosted one while I was browsing my replay folder in game (via create game menu). After he hosted the replay, I exited the map/replay browser and create game menu via cancel buttons. I joined my friend’s game and we started playing the replay. Everything was just wrong with that replay, map was incorrect and it even had wrong players in it. Terrain was glitched and players in the replay didn’t do much (just moved the workers around a bit).

I belive that the game somehow loaded the map and players from the replay that I had previously selected in the map/replay browser. When I joined my friends replay, it somehow mixed my friend’s replay and my replay together. My friend reported that he didn’t experience this weird bug like I did so it was entirely just on my side.

I took some screenshots:
Terrain is most likely glitched, because the map I had selected was on different tileset.

It was created sometime in 2018. Do you need the exact date?

Just in case it helps, the exact date that I saved that replay was July 9th 2018.

when remastered came out any old replay was watchable but some newer replays are broken lol

Has any progress been made on the issue?

This issue is still present and we’re kind of being left in the dark on this. It would be nice to get an update on the situation since you said that you did receive the replay that I sent.

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Reopened this since Grant was working with you all on this. Sorry for the mix up.

IS Grant ok ? Or why did he disappear ? I hope the problem isnt to big …

Thanks for the replay file CrypticMoth, and I’m sorry it has taken so long for us to investigate this issue. Your replay file was very helpful.

It seems that we did indeed fix a crash bug in the AI which had an unintended side effect of breaking replays involving AI in our 1.23.0 patch.

There’s good news and bad news unfortunately. The good news is that we should be able to release a patch that allows the older replays to play back correctly. The bad news is that newer replays involving AI participants may break (since they expect the crash fix to be present). In short, replays involving AI participants recorded between 1.23.0 (9 July 2019) through 1.23.3 (7 April 2020) may not play back correctly once we release a fix for this issue.

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I’m glad that the replay that I sent helped. This gives me hope that I may be able to watch my replays again after all. I personally actually haven’t saved many at all since the 1.23.0 patch. I think that almost all of mine are older. Thanks for your work on this. Cheers!

Hi, Grant. Thanks again for working on this issue. The fix in the patch appears to work for my replays. I still have a couple replays that playback with idle units towards the last 5-10 minutes of the replay, but the vast majority of them are playing back normally now. I’ll have to look into whether or not there’s any connection between the ones that start acting weird towards the end, but I think that the original issue of idle units after about 7 minutes has been fixed!

I appreciate the updates which fixed the replays created with AI prior to the 1.23.0 update. They’re working for me now as well!

Ironically, I had sort of fixed this for myself by making a copy of an older 1.22 installation from a family member’s computer and running that (disconnected from the internet to prevent any auto-patching) when I needed to watch an older replay. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do the same thing for 1.23.3.

I don’t suppose Blizzard has ever considered releasing standalone patches (like from the old days when there was a public FTP server)? That way if replay (or other issues) crop up in the future, users can roll back to a working version. That would at least let single player features remain accessible to users having problems with the current version.

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