Replay UIs are getting broken by chatting with friends

I cannot chat in replays anymore without breaking the UI and causing really funny graphical glitches even.

  1. An empty folder, where I can even type in the search bar.
    Here is an image of it: https:// postimg .cc/sQbbv8G5

  2. A bar of the bottom of the screen to write in.
    Here is an image of it: https:// postimg. cc/3yvcz1cR

  3. And on the same image as in 2) you can also clearly see the UI for the ressources, supply, workers and APM missing (statistics panel, alt+E). The same is true for the side panel (alt+w) and the production panel (alt+F). You can hide the statistics panel with E and the side panel with R now, which might be intentional.
    This is caused by pressing ‘enter’ and then ‘backspace’.

  4. This is another menu with 2 drop down boxes and values that you can change.
    Here is an image of it: https:// postimg. cc/XrJJKGDx/dbc33c30

As you can imagine this is really frustrating when you are trying to watch some replays with friends. Please look into this.

Many thanks in advance.


same … the buggs are getting out of hand specially in replays
Giant chat boxes, hotkeys not working, minimap and any option desappearing …
THan joining custom games isnt even possible it ask for passwords though there isnt even a password games not shown etc. fix pls

I have the same thing, and it’s not just replays its also in observer mode…

Super annoying.

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Thanks for the reports, we’re looking into this.


Just a thought, from reading a few threads about it… would it make sense to have an option to show/hide the chat in replays?

I don’t really watch replays, so it’s no bother to me, but that’s not the point. I’m trying to offer a solution to help others.

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This is getting annoying.

Here are some screens, maybe this might help:
https ://i.img ur. com/n9EI91P.png
https ://i.img ur. com/X1eoonM.png

Cannot really watch replays atm as it happens so annoyingly often :confused:

ok im drunk. so im a sorry for this:

are you tlrking about replay UI?, on 2020? ive talking about replayUI for at least one year and a half, they are not willing to help, they dont care, they never put money or time investment in something so dumb as people that actually want to experience starcraft replays in the right way??, you even think that grant has at least installed bwchartz to know that we are experiencing thorough out custom made fans oftware, you think think that someone like grant actually cares??? someone like Pete Stilell who thinks this prodcuts is nothing else than a 2017 annoying "failed"endevour that is yet alive?, that is the definition of that this “devs” think: why this people dont just shut up, this loser trying to get goo dreplay experience pffff, what is even that. THEY HAVE NO IDEA, NO TIME, NO INVESTMENT.

There’s also a bug in OBS MODE, a red dialog block appears and apm and mineral info dissapear… please fix this…

I get these exact issues in Observer mode. Replay mode is completely fine.

Even when chatting with friends?

Me and my friend are having the same problem. Really annoying.

Supposedly there has been a fix 15 min ago.

Cool, will look up for the fix. Is anyone else getting the same problem that people on the Friend List which are in the lobby are just “online”, not “in a game lobby” anymore?