Remastered OLD graphics vs Original old graphics BLURY

Please Fix this! I just bought Remastered version and switched to OLD classic the game looks BLURYY!!! The meniu the Text looks bad! I think it is scaling problem. I installed my old version brood war 1.16.1 version. The game looks not blurry! im using windows. In game you can sharp the game but its not helping… I think brood war resolution is 640x480 and they scaled up to 1080 or More and the game is blurry :))) Just leave this game alone. separated from remastered. Or give as a choise to download the old classic game. Like a Diablo 2. The original diablo 2 you can buy and download. Or you can buy new diablo 2 resurrected and play new version and old version with G button. But old version is alsow bad looks not the same like original… I dont know what they are doing but need to fix! Or let us download original starcraft game! Please!

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Agreed. I just launched the Blizzard App version of StarCraft and I’m unable to even use the graphic options that would help. You had the option before to change resolution, in this version you can’t!! Please unlock the full options in game at least! Let us change res!

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