Real time lighting again


Just 9 days ago i was given the wonder of real time lighting but starcraft literly just updated and I lost it. How?

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We introduced a bug in 1.23.0 which allowed systems to access RTL without sufficient hardware to support it. Some systems handled it without too many problems, but in the worst cases it was causing black screens/terrain. It’s possible we can look at it again in the future.


Thanks for letting me know. it was the best 9 starcraft days ever!


I know what you mean! I saw an enemy mutalisk get absolutely pelted on a UMS map, and it was such a sight to see! Sadly, it got removed a while back before 1.23. Oh well, it was a joy while it lasted.


7-19-2019 at 3:53 PM - PDT

As long as you are on a Desktop Computer, (PC, Classic Mac Pro, or a High End Hackintosh), with Discrete Graphics that have AT LEAST 2 Full GB of VRAM, you may still Enable Real Time Lighting.

IF; however, you are on a Laptop or on a System with ONLY Integrated Graphics, EVEN WITH 2GB RAM, Real Time Lighting CAN cause GREAT STRIFE! This is because the Integrated Cards SHARE System RAM which is QUITE DIFFERENT than dedicated VRAM on a Discrete Card.



I don’t get why ppl care about RTL so much. IMO graphics look worse when they’re turned on.


Yeah man i was so happy too, the game runs smooth with it, they have to put to enable the option if it run bad, simply disabled th option


Please enable it again, I could enjoy the game with the RTL option enabled even when my laptop does not meet the requirements (2gb vram).
I backed up the .exe files that had the RTL option enabled, and I could play it until September, but with the latest update of the blizzard app, it doesn’t allow me to use the .exe file that I backed up.
I really hope we can enjoy it in the future.


it is not that easy because it requires a strong gpu. strong gpus usually have enough memory however. my gt 630m have enough memory but, it is not strong enough to use it at maximum frame rate.