Problem with the score screen and the main chat

Hi there, again,

I had this problem in the past, for a couple of months, where almost everytime I would finish a game, it would take about 30 seconds to 1 minute to get to the score screen (during that time the screen is stuck), although, I never bothered to report. Also, the score screen transition animation is really sluggish when that happens, but not so much once it’s loaded.
I recall this being fixed in the previous update. I might be wrong, but I think it started since this current App update, which happened 2-3 days ago, I think, because I haven’t noticed a Starcraft update recently (since 10 days ago).

I uninstalled Starcraft and App, and I made sure to remove all the Starcraft, App and Blizzard leftover folders and files, before re-installing App and Starcraft. With these, the problem still occured.

Also, I think since latest Starcraft update, once I leave the score screen, I get a an error spamming on the screen, in the main chat:
Error: Error 3:9. (Error 3:9)
, as it can been seen here as well:

, where it can also be seen that the panel to the right, containing the players, went missing. As I recall, this happens rarely compared to the score screen problem. I also recall these two problems happening one after the other, meaning once I get into to score screen problem, right after leaving the screen score, I run into the error problem.

If you need my system specs, let me know, please!

Thank you!