Problem with some weird channel settings or bug idk

Hello guys,

i’m having some minor issue with Battlenet. When i join to regular channel, it displays information about all players lefting and joining
the channel in main chat as if i had them all in friend list and i can’t turn it off. This happens only on Europre gateway. It is possible that i accidentally changed some channel settings from the chat commands but i can’t figure out which one. My guess is that it has something to do with /options command but i’m not sure.
Can you please help me to turn it off? Or is it some bug?

I’m not sure exactly what issue you’re experiencing, but try this.
Options > Game > Turn off ‘Friends presence text notifications’

I tried that, but it didn’t help. Is it possible to upload screenshot here? That would be the best way to show you what i mean.

chat command
try Alt + V

Thank you! :+1: I don’t understand how could i accidentally changed this, some missclick probably.