Possible to eliminate the launch app?

Still not able to log in since last june. The problem originated after the update in the first of june 2021. Can someone terminate the need for an app?

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Hi! What I did when this happened was to uninstall Starcraft and Battle.net app, restart the PC, then delete all the remaining Blizzard and Starcraft folders (if any). Be careful to not delete the folders for other Blizzard games, if you got more of them installed.

I used Everything by voidtools to aid me in finding and removing the remaining folders:

Once Everything starts, let it index all the files, then go to View > Filters. Now select “Folders” from the dropdown menu and look for the respective folders.

Are you able to log in to the lobby? I havent been able to log in since june.


Also this might be helpful:

I know Im not the only one who is blocked out but any idea how many others can still make it to the lobby? 11 months down the drain, all because of an exceedingly stupid lawsuit over absolute BS.

Duplicate to this.

Thanks but no thanks. The update from last june caused this so it should be repairable from Blizzards end.