[Poll] Players leaving during countdown

Should we abort the start game process if a player leaves a lobby during the lobby countdown?

  • Yes
  • No

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Sometimes it does not matter when a player leaves during the countdown, but when it matters, it is usually very annoying. So I would like this change, as long as you can restart the countdown quickly after the player left.


Yup, would be a good change.


Brilliant change! Can’t even count how many times this happened.


Only abort if they are not in observer slot.
If in observer slot continue game.


Was about to post this, this is important (that obs’ leaving the game is non-impontant)

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Absolutely! Can’t think of a downside!

Just make it so player =/= computer, so it’s still possible to start a melee game alone.


Misvoted, meant to vote “yes.” Thank you for reaching out like this.

Also don’t abort for UMS games where it usually doesn’t matter

Yes obviously, also what’s up with the input bug fix?

yea i forgot about this haha

Instead of “aborting” (I’m not sure what the definition of this is), consider aborting the countdown and keeping the lobby open with all remaining players, instead of dumping them back in the channel. Those seconds add up.
Glad you guys are getting here. Much appreciated.


This one is a no brainer. mcalauncher had it.

Yeah this is important

Can’t wait for people trolling and leaving my totally playable 5-8 players phantom lobbies. Sometimes people leave when I play 3x5 hunters and it changes to 3x4 or 3x3 (and it’s ok). Leave it at least for UMS maps :frowning: . One player shouldn’t have the power to distrupt the fun of 7.

The two buttons on the lower right (OK and Cancel) normally grey out and become unclickable as the countdown starts. If someone leaves during that countdown, the lobby should just stay as is with the countdown stopping and the OK/Cancel button becoming green clickable options again. The lobby should be joinable for players on the game menu again at that point. This should all be only for players in active playing spots (non observer spots). If someone in an observer slot leaves, I think the countdown should just continue.

On a related side note, maybe you guys can look into the yellow notification that pops up in the game when an observer leaves. Sometimes this happens shortly after game start, other times later in the game. If an ob decides to leave, it says " xxx has left the game." in the exact same yellow text that it displays when an active player leaves the game. Sometimes the active players don’t realise that it was an ob that left, so they leave too because they think it was one of the people playing. Maybe make it say something along the lines of " [Observer] xxx has left the game." similar to the way it displays when observers chat during the game.

Anyway, the countdown abort sounds like a great idea. Been waiting years for this. :+1:

My only reservation about this would be, I use private lobbies with a bot, then kick it before the game starts so I can play on a single player practice map without an opponent (no bot rushing you with zealots while you’re practicing a standard macro build). If this fix would affect this could you at least add an option to start a game without an opponent?

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