Please remove the ability for players to change latency in ladder games

In 1v1 ladder games this is used either to troll or by players that don’t understand its effects. Either way changing the game’s latency should not be in players’ control. I think most people can relate to facing a Protoss that goes zealots and changes the latency to extra high right before an attack, making it impossible to micro against. It’s a stupid dated feature from before dynamic turn rate.

Yes it is useful in team games and in customs, do what you want. But ladder games should not allow for players to have a lag switch right in the menu.

Blizzard please if you have 1 person that can make this change, it would help a lot.

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IMO I think it’s sad players cant play with the original latency.
It’s part of what made the skill curve so high.
Nowadays anybody can micro because there’s no timing required anymore.

So as far as your post is concerned I think your just whining.