Patch broke install

After installing this update, I get an error on loading game of “Starcraft is missing game data and cannot start. Try re-installing the game”.

I updated .Net Framework to 4.8 to try and fix as I thought I saw that as a requirement popup a few days before installing.

Also tried uninstall and re-install without success.

This box is running Win 64-bit. Suggestions? Game is currently unplayable.


When the game starts it says “Starcraft is missing data and cannot started. Try reinstalling the game”
I tried to reinstall BNet and all Starcraft several times :frowning: and nothing happens

yeah it is broke alright. ts plays the demo animation but once you hit space bar and game loads into broodwar, it crashes.

I’m getting the same, it was working great until the patch, now it launch the loading screen and it closes.

I cant download the update… it says " Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot.​Error Code: BLZBNTAGT00000BB8"

yea…game wont launch. I reinstalled twice and nothing.


After sleeping for like 8 hours, it is fixed so obviously a bug in patch. works, which is obviously a roll-back of the patch.

Any solution? They told me that they installed it several times and in the fifth it worked, but so far it does not work for me

You will notice this same issue happened 3 days ago. The solution then was that the patch was rolled back automatically. So, the issue resolved on its own but a roll-back isn’t exactly a solution.

Now the same buggy patch is back again :slight_smile:

Don’t bother with scan/repair or even uninstall/reinstall. That’t wont work.

For the lucky few that get to the gateway login screen (US West etc), they don’t see any games or people online.

Might be helpful to find out why some people can reach the gateway selection screen.

Actually, people are complaining of a third issue of not being able to play on LAN. No option to click ok.

Three different issues, 1 common problem = patch

I wake up with a brand new patch, game launch shows the loading screen and crash, ty.

Here we are again. Roll back to for the second time :slight_smile:

At least it works. Me Pasa lo mismoooooo

Yo lo solucioné yendo a Configuración del Juego y en Idiomas y Dialogos lo puse en inglés. Descargó unos archivos y funcionó

New patch was installed yesterday and now Starcraft will not launch again. Please rollback to

Yeah, you are spot on.

Wanted to reinstall to play the campaigns again and yep crashes at the main menu. Leave my old games alone Blizzard :frowning:

as always … please get this fixed ASAP …

I don’t think Blizzard likes us, or somebody would acknowledge our issues

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they are too busy having fun at the pride parade


Tambien tengo el mismo problema

Ya intente explorar y reparar (no funciono), re instalar (no funciono), restablecer toda configuración (no funciono), instalación limpia (no funciono), Ejecutar como admin y/o 32 / 64 bits (no funciono), esta todo actualizado y sin errores en el sistema.