Patch 1.23.3 Notes

Where is Grant, where is Sherman… where is Pete Stilwell, we need to know if you are still alive in here, please, this is very outrageous.

Thank for the new and great update.

there is a bug in ranked , i appear in the middle of the map Escalade without minerals and gas , fix it plz , thank you

Thank you, we are working to resolve this issue. The 1.0 version and non observer map will be uploaded asap.

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One quick question blizzard why did you remove black and grey. they are fantastic colors and you should still allow them for people who want them. i know players who love those colors and one of them is my partner! please bring them back! thanks :smiley:

newest bloody ridge is version 2.1 and not 2.0

New Sylphid = Neo Sylphid ?

How long seasons are going on? is it totaly random? Can you explain please?

Thanks for new patch.

After 1.23.3 patch, When viewing Observer mode, there is a bug that disappears resources, population status board and bottom menu.


I am experiencing this as well. In observer mode the game will start and you can see all the menus that you can normally deactivate by pushing Q W E R, but then randomly the top right menu (showing player names, min/gas, population/apm) disappears and you cannot get it back. I have had different features disappear at different times, it isn’t only that top right menu, I have had all of them disappear randomly as well.

I have also had it where I am observing, and right when the game starts, I have a distorted version of the ‘create game’ screen right in the middle of the game I am observing. It stays there and doesn’t leave. I can even slide the slidebars to set game speed/turn rate as well as the two check boxes to set custom hotkeys/unit limits. It even has the three drop down menus for map, game type, and teams (including the little click icon to browse your folder to look for a map).

I have also had a couple other games I observed where I had other parts of the lobby interfaces overlap the game. It isn’t just the create game menu that’s overlapping.

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Try to play in other maps, black and grey will be available.

Another update with 0 new content?

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I’m honestly happy that they don’t relase a “big” patch at Season or ASL KSL beginning which would increase the risk of messing up with bugs an important time for Starcraft

last one is little… like 20MB or less

ASL Official maps site’s Hitchhiker map has been updated. Ladder maps also need to be updated to the latest version.

• Hitchhiker 1.3 → 1.4 [Fixed a mineral patch on the 11 o’clock expansion that would not have been collected naturally.]

Still waiting for a toggle option for extended colors and revert back deleted ones. Time to listen seriously Blizzard, our patience isn’t unlimited. We’ve been asking for changes for months and you come up with useless patch. Changing map rotation plus couple ultralisk portraits - that isn’t what we’ve been waiting for. I’m serious about quitting forever.

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Toggle option is a great idea. However, there may be more support for simply restricting the extended colours rather than the toggle option. If they never put it in, it doesn’t (necessarily) mean they are not listing: it may just be that not many people are for it.

Given Blizzard’s recent actions, they may not care… sorry! It would be a shame for the rest of us.


If you do not believe me,
Please try to play a 4vs4 game…
Everyone’s color looks too similar, plus you cannot even see Black, Grey, Navy, Bluish Grey, Olive clearly on the minimap…
What made SC:BW such an excellent RTS game was its clarity.
With these new colors, the game has become unclear and confusing.
Please turn back the colors to how it used to be in patch 1.16.1.

shift+tab or shift+ tab+tab …

No, it was not. I could not start the game for years without having graphical glitches or shutting down the Windows Aero with the Task Manager.


I have trouble finding games from the custom games lobby.
It seems to be stuck on the exact same games from yesterday. Just stuck in a moment in lobbyhistory. Some new games are mixed in, can be joined but the majority are those stuck from the past just loading, saying “unable to join”.

Is it a known bug, easy to deal with or something new?

You might be onto something:
At the weekend, I was playing with a friend, and the Custom Games list was showing different for each of us. Also, when one of us created a private game, the other couldn’t always join it. Very odd.