Patch 1.23.2 Notes

i have a small update but still error, now my SC hang on the loading screen and hang the computer. Thanks.

Give my money back…

The hiccups dont occur every 30 second now they occur ever 2 second ??? totally unplayable.

edit: works now thank u

even when im not getting the 100% overheat thing, im still just getting lag issues i wasnt getting previously. I.e everytime i engaged in a large battle and psi storms were launched, my game would freeze, so i cant micro. etc etc

Glad to hear some of the problems were resolved with yesterday’s patch.

To reiterate what Matt wrote yesterday, if you are experiencing unresponsive or blank UI in the game menus (e.g. chat screen, game search screen), please contact us:

We have not been able to reproduce this issue internally yet, so (long term at least) the only way we’ll be able to improve the situation for those impacted players is if you reach out to us.

So far, very few people have contacted us about this issue, which may mean it’s impacting a very small number of players.

Even if we were to rollback our browser library, we must at some point in the near future upgrade this for security compliance reasons. So a rollback is only kicking the can down the road.

We may take this option - but even if we do, we’ll still need community help to identify the PC configurations that are causing the issue.

Are there any plans to look into the replay issue?

Is it normal that there are 20+ instances of BlizzardBrowser.exe open at once?

I would like to share a screenshot, but you can’t link anything in this forum.

i cant play anymore, fu ck

why so lag ???

Grant if this serves for something i have been having problems with the UI for ages, as you probably remember from some help request i did on the old forum and through help support etc (I stopped asking for help when you told me you where to update the chromium UI around 8 months ago or so), this was in my old laptop, to the point that i stop using the JOIN button and even RANKING too much on that laptop which had this specs:

HP ENVY 17 Notebook PC
Windows 10 HOME
i7 Hasswell 4 4700MQ 2.40 (8 CPUS)
16 RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M

I updated yesterday to the new update and it works fine for the first time in my life in that laptop since launch!!!, with that particular old setup which is interesting. I own a new computer now and an entirely new account, just wanted to share that for me the “new UI” has fixed a BIG UI problem i had since launch, maybe my specs can help you narrow why somehow?, because the new update is awesome for me, and i mean AWESOME for that old laptop and it seems very bad for other people.

I find it interesting than this update breaks the UI for some people in a very similar way that it did for me back then and now fixes the problems for me for the first time ever.

Hi, i receive this

Just tried a new patch. Menus in multiplayer are very laggy, SC itself takes 1 Gb RAM and there is million of Blizzard Browsers and Battle Net apps loaded each takes 50 Mb RAM approximately. Total memory usage is 3.8 Gb. Processor load is up to 50%, which is also much higher than it was before.
The game itself was fine. But I played only 1 short game though.
Comp configuration:
Intel Core Duo CPU E8400 3.00 GHz
RAM 8.0 Gb
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series 1Gb

Edit: just checked, if you close bnet app after the game loaded, or start the game without bnet app nothing changes. Menus are still super laggy, processor usage goes up to 100% while you click on those menus. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to roll back the patch since obviously solution of the problem was not found easily and people are raging here for almost a week already?


I still have error, i receive this id (69AF97BB-01F5-46B4-A10A-BEACB05ECE13)

People that are only playing LAN and single player should be allowed to choose which version of the game that they run. I only ever play with my friends or single player, so why don’t I get any say in whether or not I get to run a version of the game that has worked for me?

cpu:i5 2540m 2.6Ghz
ram:4GB ddr3
graphic:intel hd3000

When I refresh the match list on Kr server,it stuck and cannot move.The blizzard browser.exe is a UI with much more usage of PC than the old version.


i can’t get the game to open


I don’t have unresponsive or blank UI, but it’s very laggy in the menus. Feels a little lag during playing too. I’ve contacted to and sent him the log files.

We’ve just released patch which reverts the web browser we use to power our remastered UI to the previous version. This should fix the performance degradation and blank UI panels occurring for a small portion of players. Please note that in future we will need to upgrade this again, for compliance reasons. We’ll be reaching out to some of those affected to see if we can test with them privately before we attempt this again, assuming we are not able to reproduce the issue internally.

As always, thanks for your patience and support!


thankyou matt and the scr team for your hard work on the patching and hotfixes etc we know its not easy to do with a small team at hand

best regards