Patch 1.23.2 Notes

Cite. Your. Source.

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Same. In fact, before PTR opened.

No. To show you that you’re changing other’s words to artificially bolster a fabricated position. Side tip: not liking what is said, disagreement, etc and trolling are not mutually inclusive.

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Yes I can say whatever I want, try to stop me troll, tryharder ^^. Hope you will get banned.


What? I’m not trying to tell you that you can’t say what you want. Man, how far will you go to twist what is said to conveniently fit your position??

This whole time Ive been challenging an assertion of yours. One that you are fervid about but refuse to back up!!!

And banned for what? Like i said (and you conveniently dismissed to fit your position), simply not liking what is said, or disagreement, or being challenged isn’t trolling.

When u will fix this S/P button issues? The game absolutely unplayable!!
Just remove the last patch!!!

unplayable patch. S/P issues, UI issues, either my gamelist is blacked out, channel list is blacked out, map preview is blacked out. i know theres always issues after a new patch but how does some of this stuff even happen… clearly you guys dont test anything, just let it go live and hope for the best…


Hey all

We’ve just released Hotfix patch which addresses the following issues:

  • Fixes for high frequency crashes
  • Fix for Loading a multiplayer save game
  • Fix for the Turn Rate slider
  • Fix for keybinds S and P centering to the main structure


Known confirmed issues:

  • Joining a multiplayer save game isn’t working
  • macOS 10.10 and 10.11 failing to launch.


  • Blank panels
  • High CPU usage

if you are experiencing either of the investigation issues and would like to help us debug, please reach out to me here:


hotfix for the patch doesnt work. i just downloaded the patch and the first time my game crashed and the second time it was incredibly laggy and i was unable to select anything once i actually logged in. cant play still.

edit: yeah it runs my computer to 100

The CN bugs s/p and 6:9loggin error has been fixed.

EUD usemap string bug still exists within one cycle. If you do not plan to patch, tell the user in advance so he can give up and leave.

New update does not solve the colour issues. When players select random colour, they still have similar colours. I just have a game with 3 opponent players in yellow. When my ally got attacked, he couldnot tell who is attacker.

When will Starcraft have reverse mouse scroll function? I would play the game so much more!

The Issue about EUD string modification was almost resolved via 1.23.2 patch but there is one problem. When the string is modified and displayed more than twice in 1 cycle, it is displayed as before modifying. Please fix that problem.

CPU issue still exists after new patch. (just wanted to make sure people know about it - sent email in order to help debugging)

try setting FPS CAP to 100 .(sometimes when there is a new patch this setting is reset even if it appear u had activated)

Thanks for the advice! That doesn’t work unfortunately.

CPU usage is still super high! Even after the hotfix.

No wonder, according to certain modder’s observations Remastered in the new patch runs 8 instances of chromium for UI rendering, each of which also runs two “helper” processes, resulting in 24 separate processes being run specifically for UI.

Hey all, we are still investigating:

  • Blank panels
  • High CPU usage

-System specs help
-Any other key information you can provide (where in the game etc.)

if you are experiencing either of the investigation issues and would like to help us debug, please reach out to me here:


Have extended team colors been fixed for SP or is that still broken, also not a fan of removing colors like I said months ago.

Mac os 10.11.6 user here. After the patch, the game won’t start. It plays the theme song for like 2 seconds and just crashes. I’m running on 64 bit too. Please fix this ASAP!!

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