Patch 1.23.2 Notes

Consider investigating further observer desync. This happened on KSL4 finals yesterday on 3rd map (Artosis and Tasteless thought it was normal game and players were failing at multitasking until they realized strange behavior where game was going on but like a broken replay).


I met 6:9 connection error everyday after some updates.

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Fix EUD bugs.
You have not fixed this bug for a long time.
This works, but some units have bugs.

Grpwire(mulsel wire) : 0x68C1FC

I hope the devs are listening too! I love this game. :no_mouth:

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same. i cant log in. thanks blizzard! :smiley:

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Can u restore /time command? It displayed local and server time. Is ladder already % distrubuted becouse reset was 16 days ago ? Is there list of all possible commands? Bocouse as i know /help isnt full list.

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Hi guys, the issue with Yellow is not Pale Yellow but Lime, they look almost the same and it’s not banned when you take this color :confused: Sad that you don’t have a player on your team.

인게임 렉 너무 심해 진행이 안됩니다
제발 게임만이라도 하게 해주세요
돈주고 샀는데 게임을 못하는 경우가 어딨습니까

Could you please revert the whole color and “select race” thing? It kills 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 so hard. The similarity of some colors and how they look on mini map are still a big problem. There was literally nothing wrong with how it was. Who even came up with this idea? It doesn’t matter. But who ever thought it was a good idea to implement it?

PLEASE revert these changes. Just admit you made a mistake. There is no shame in that. If anything, then keeping it as it is actually shameful. Ever since Remastered you guys, devs, really give me the idea you don’t actually play Starcraft on I feel a bit unwell to have to login to the forums to actually tell you. Sorry, I can’t formulate it in a nicer way. I find many players in the game lobby, especially game hosts, who agree with me.

If reverting a change is against your policy, could you please set it as an option? Regular Top vs Bottom should use the 8 original colours as it always has been. For creating a game you could just add the option: Classic colours: * Enabled. O Disabled
Where Enabled is the default choice. (Yet I still believe reverting the colors is in your better interest. We already had maps like Ice Hunters and various ums that used different colors, than the classic 8.)

If you’re so kind to consider my post could you please also add F5 as hotkey to refresh the gamelist. So we don’t have to actually click the small icon every time?

I’ve played Starcraft since 1998 and have followed the pro scene since 2007. I feel very tempted to apply as a manager at this point, because you really give me the impression you guys don’t actually play the game actively yourselves. Sorry to say, but the quality is just not what I expect of Blizzard. A change should always be in interest of improvement. Not lead to frustration. Unless you are looking to kill activity? I realize running servers isn’t free, so I want to at least say a big thanks for keeping them up!

Sorry for the tone of my message. It carries a lot of weight, because the Remastered experience has been a very emotionally bumpy ride.

  • very frustrated fan

Community did, actually. First you lot begged Blizz to add extended colors back, despite being perfectly aware that it includes cyan, black and similarly-looking pale yellow, and now you suddenly want them reverted. Should make up your minds first imo.

Similar to previous.

Why do you think I would complain if issues were supposedly solved? Have you even played a couple of 3v3 yet? Colors still look super similar. I still get confronted with 3 shades of yellow. I cannot tell friend and foe apart unless I shift+tab at which point I’m still handicapped because I can no longer tell who is who individually. And almost every other game you need to tell people to select their race (or else you cannot start).

Btw what makes you think I’m the same community who asked for more colors? Where do you even get this info from? And did you notice you quoted a question I already dismissed by answering it right after?

it’s quite obvious I’m talking about reverting to CLASSIC colors.
Many of the new colors don’t even fit the Starcraft theme imho. BUT I will not complain about that IF it will make game more desirable for a larger audience, since I understand Blizzard is a business, and their main goal is to sell a product. (However making sure your customers are happy is definitely not something to neglect.)

The reason I never complained till this point is because I expect Blizzard to play/simulate Starcraft and EXPERIENCE how their changes affect the game, (preferably before implementing the change), so they will quickly notice it and make corrections. Am I giving Blizzard too much respect for thinking like that?

I no longer think like that actually, hence I made the effort to point out 2 major flaws and was even as bold to talk about managing the dev group.


Have been mmr k-factor changed? Wasnt ppl get more / lost less for winning / losing games?

When the new colors came out I used to give the computer team (in top vs bottom) similar colors so they could immediately be identified visually, and the human players likewise similar colors. Now the latest patch disables “light” colors when their corresponding darker colors are selected and vice versa. If you’re worried about confusion in multiplayer games please just give the host the ability to override colors.

I say just leave the original / extended colors to the host like you did unit limits(Original / Extended). If someone doesn’t like what the host has set they can always host their own game. This is likely the happiest your going to be able to appease both parties the ones that want them and the ones that don’t because lets face it some people just do not have good color determination skills but they enjoy playing the game.

/ <- SC:R Current Color List / display

looking at this list…
Pale Yellow / Yellow / Lime - look the same (These 3 should likely be kept from being used together in the same game)

Pale Green/ Teal / Green - 3 shades of green (These 3 should likely be kept from being used together in the same game)

Blue, navy blue, bluish grey - 3 shades of blue (These 3 should likely be kept from being used together in the same game)

This post is Just food for thought. I know its a lot of work but if your going to push key things like new colors into a game simple limiters and options should be employed to keep things simple to identify and coordinate in game actions with allies in order to accomplish the task of winning the objective without having to keep questioning what color to call someone you want to attack because its got different shades of it on the board(if 2 players are using the same color but are different shades). Obviously I revised this post a few times after reviewing a number of forum post as well. There is a entirely different suggestion you can obviously view in my edit history if you’d like an additional idea on how to resolve this.

In the mean time…:
For those unable to determine what color is what on a board you can always hold ALT+left click on the mini map to ‘ping’ the mini map for your allies to target a enemy or place on the map. This ‘ping’ is only shown to your allies

the select race rubbish is annoying, i just set random as default with scm draft 2

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Do not try to fix what isn’t broken.
Everything was fine in patch 1.16.1.
Please turn everything back to how it used to be in patch 1.16.1.


can u please have the dynamic turn rate detect one rate lower for us foreigners. dynamic turn rate detects one rate too high and lags. one rate lower would be reduce the lag. (ex. instead of detecting tr20 low please have it detect one rate down to tr16 low)

I noticed a bug: the faction (tribe / brood / squadron) names displayed on the score screen are all “shifted” one position up so blue terran is called “Elite Guard” now instead of “Mar Sara”, and red terrans are called “Observers” now, etc. It wasn’t this way up until recently so must’ve been introduced in 1.23.x.

Can it be remedied in a hotfix?

Thanks Matt. First Time posting ever. I have been a big fan since 1996. Thank you for what you do and keep up the good work.

Why i cant join eny game?