Patch 1.23.2 Notes


I still have error, i receive this id (69AF97BB-01F5-46B4-A10A-BEACB05ECE13)


People that are only playing LAN and single player should be allowed to choose which version of the game that they run. I only ever play with my friends or single player, so why don’t I get any say in whether or not I get to run a version of the game that has worked for me?


cpu:i5 2540m 2.6Ghz
ram:4GB ddr3
graphic:intel hd3000

When I refresh the match list on Kr server,it stuck and cannot move.The blizzard browser.exe is a UI with much more usage of PC than the old version.



i can’t get the game to open



I don’t have unresponsive or blank UI, but it’s very laggy in the menus. Feels a little lag during playing too. I’ve contacted to and sent him the log files.

(Matt Sherman) #122

We’ve just released patch which reverts the web browser we use to power our remastered UI to the previous version. This should fix the performance degradation and blank UI panels occurring for a small portion of players. Please note that in future we will need to upgrade this again, for compliance reasons. We’ll be reaching out to some of those affected to see if we can test with them privately before we attempt this again, assuming we are not able to reproduce the issue internally.

As always, thanks for your patience and support!


thankyou matt and the scr team for your hard work on the patching and hotfixes etc we know its not easy to do with a small team at hand

best regards


I’m going to ask again since my issue isn’t getting acknowledged at all: Can you please look into the issue with replays? I don’t even have a way to watch them and haven’t since July.


asia 서버 패치 무한 설치 업데이트 반복


What just happened to CYAN? Please, do not fix what is not broken.


Did you guys do something? All the performance issues and massive bloat from Blizzard browser is suddenly gone and my bnet is running smooth as butter.

Either way, I’m very pleased, thank you.

EDIT: I see that there was some reversion, thanks! However, some interfaces still pull up a bit slowly, like win rates and so forth.


Actually, now that I look there is some more weird behavior. Chat scrolling no longer seems to track with new messages.

In my mind, the ideal behavior is to not jump to the bottom of the chat if the user isn’t scrolled all the way down (by contrast, it always jumped to bottom on new messages in classic bnet, which is bad), but to continue updating at the bottom without staying fixed on the current position ONLY if the user IS scrolled all the way down.

Currently, the chat - both in bnet chat and in lobby chat - remains scrolled at the same position regardless of where the user is currently scrolled and regardless of how many new messages are entered into chat. This makes it so that we have to scroll every time a new message is entered.



massive bloat from Blizzard browser is suddenly gone


Please note that in future we will need to upgrade this again, for compliance reasons.



i can’t play SC after update patch, i receive this ID : 84F9648C-D3F0-4692-AA66-037801979697.


help me, it auto out of SC from loading screen and notice this ID: F70F3F1B-922F-4CEE-9603-B78286D7817E


I can confirm: using the new patch I see no more “Download failed” thing, no more blank menus, no more slow UI. I’m using Linux (SC running under wine-staging, Win7 compatibility settings).

On Win7 native host and patch, I wasn’t able to reproduce any of the aforementioned issues.

I don’t want to speculate, but it looks to me that something terrible going on inside UI threads. My thoughts that wine introduces significant delays when processing various events and a UI subsystem don’t expect that. Lack of proper synchronization and race conditions? Probably that’s what happening on some Win machines as well?

Nevertheless, given the profile of bugs you’ve discovered I strongly against bringing back the new CEF (I suppose this is a component you’ve updated?) into the SC just for “compatibility reasons”. I encourage devs looking into this thread to fix bugs or at least provide decent workarounds.

Otherwise, it is a matter of time when this will hit my Win7/Win8/Win10 machines as well.


Since last patches “pillar box” in HD mode causes loss of ~50fps. Is it normal? Shouldnt 4:3 mode require less resources?

(Grant Davies) #135

Looks like these are read errors (files not found). Have you tried scan & repair? Or reinstalling the game?


There is something wrong with the servers, lot of people can’t login. Do you have an estimate when this will be fixed?
(when the blizzard app finally manages to login, starcraft doesn’t see it, so it wants to login as well and gives an error)

(Grant Davies) #137

There is a login issue affecting many Blizzard games in EU at the moment. It’s being worked on, and will hopefully be resolved soon.