Patch 1.23.1 Notes


I don’t know why this update(1.23.1) has included choosing a lot of color,
even SC1 need just 8 colors for the maximum players.
1vs 1 match is not matter, but if you play team match your couldn’t see the mini-map clearly and there are so many similar colors, it’s hard to identify enemies & allies.
Have you played 3v3 team match game?

one thing more,
you made only possible to start game when all players have to choice the race even ramdom player.
And it bother all players

you should make the game like this if someone go out after 3 seconds
, this game has been cancelled (go back to game room or chat channel)
So, The previous patch is better than now.


Make your player color selection system available in single player

I’m happy to have a player color picker. However, I would like to be able to choose the color in single player.

However, instead of removing some colors, adjustments are needed to fix issues that make it difficult to distinguish units in the minimap.


New features in this update patch are annoying, both colour picking and race select.

I mostly play fastest map in 3v3 or 4v4 game, when that many players in a game, there are always players with similar colours in game. For example: Pale Yellow and Yellow, Pink and White, Blue and Aqua… They look similar in both mini map and on screen. Once I got a pink ally and a white opponent, both played zerg and I couldn’t know which unit belong to whom unless click and see the color of cycle around units (red or yellow).

Some colour, like Cyan and Magenta, dazzle player’s eyes, especially in fastest game when you see hundreds units on screen.

Dark Aqua is very similar to quitted players. I notice that quitted players were not shown in minimap anymore, in my opinion, they should be shown, because the remaining unit/ building could be used in many ways by other players.

Many players like black, navy or dark colour because they think it is hard to see by opponent and they can sneak through or can drop without being seen in mini map. I can say it is very stupid idea and it doesn’t work.

So, Please remove these confusing colour, just keep very clear colour, for example: Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, White (9).

Selecting race before game is not necessary and it doesn’t help to prevent player quitting in game as you expect. In fact, it is harder to have a game now, when host must constantly ban players who doesn’t pick race and doesn’t response when host asks.

To this, I suggest to have a CHECK BOX to each player to confirm they are ready to start the game. Host can only start when all players check their box, and when counting down, players could not quit anymore. I know, that cannot prevent players leaving in game but at least, they cannot quit when game starting.


Color selection is very cool feature, but I agree that we should remove confusing colors and take it seriously. Players now can even set them on purpose. Shift+Tab+Tab has different purpose.


SC:R has a maximum of 8 players in any game. Why the original 8-colour selection isn’t good enough, I’ll never know. I understand having players select their own colour, but there is no need to have more than 8.

(Matt Sherman) #39

We’ve seen a lot of positive and constructive feedback regarding the colors feature. There may be some room for improvement, and we’d like your help!


Please don’t even think about removing colors Matt. I think best solution is to make an option for lobbies to use or not to use extended colors.


BW actually added additional colors such as green to the 8 SC vanilla shipped with.


CognacLover, do you notice you are one of the only ones blatantly saying ‘DONT REMOVE ANYTHING’ - which you have said multiple times now between important and USEFUL posts, without acknowledging the countless problems this is causing? we are aware you enjoy the new colours, but you clearly don’t play any type of melee 2vs2, 3vs3 or 4vs4 games, because if you did, you would understand the frustration here.

This game has been perfectly fine in terms of colours for 20+ years, and all of a sudden (with a small community), we are drastically going to change the way the game plays? and yes, this drastically changes the way the game plays. You cannot tell your enemy from your teammates, it’s that simple. There is no dancing around it. The addition of a few DISTINCT colours (green and magenta for example) to the existing 8 colours would have worked perfect and not caused any issues. As multiple people have said, with max of 8 players in a game, there is no reason to have a selection of 22 colours.


First of all, SC engine had more than 8 colors when it was released 20+ years ago. And 2nd I’m not definitely single one poster here who’s against removing options, read above and stop lying for no purpose.
You’re correct, I don’t play 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4, rarely BGH or Fastest but even if I played them I wouldn’t suggest removing anything. I’m already aware what you talking about because I know those colors existed (on UMS maps) way back then.
Removing colors isn’t a fix, you’re getting rid from what SC engine had back then (they removed extended colors somewhere between PTR and remastered patch aroudn 2017). What problem do you have if they will make a toogleable option? That’s just simple fix which will make pleased me and others who enjoyed new colors and team melee players. Stop being so aggressive, only thing I hear you yelling REMOVE, ungrateful because extended colors were a priority all long and egoistical just because you play team melee. If you disagree with toogleable option and continue telling REMOVE then I don’t even know what to say…


cognaclover, like I said, you ignored all the valid points and spat your one liner of ‘DONT REMOVE ANYTHING’. this is not a matter of opinion, its a matter of how it effects the game, which it does heavily. arguing with you about something that is a matter of FACT, and not OPINION, isn’t worth my time.

im fully aware these colours were in the game prior, I play a lot of ums as well, but if you read at my original post, you will see that I gave THREE (3) great options as to how to incorporate this into melee that actually makes sense, including an option to enable/disable the extended colours.

this has nothing to do with being ungrateful. nobody is ungrateful. we have a dedicated team that is still trying to improve a 20 year old game. why would anyone be ungrateful? just because I pointed out your post, doesnt mean i was being ‘aggressive’. this is a forum, get used to it. you are getting all angry for absolutely no reason. I just raised a valid point that you aren’t seeing the real point here. this is effecting the game, simple as that.


I don’t understand why you still continuing to rinse and repeat the same thing because I was voting for that option you raised all posts = getting a toggleable option without actually removing the colors. Sorry if sounded too harsh. Some posters here wrote to remove all colors and have leave only 8 that’s why I wrote with CAPS. What I was trying to say was basically same, I was trying to get a compromise so we all can agree. You guys get your default colors without we 1x1 players suffering from removal. Peace.


Watching activision try to honestly and sincerely improve a game makes me laugh. Activision is a company that bought out Blizzards name to pump out half made video games at full retail cost. their incompetence is only exceeded by their greed. Think before you patch activision. Broodwar has done well before you patched anything, leave the game alone before you patch it so much the real Broodwar players leave and are replaced by your ADHD destiny players. P.S. Thanks for lying about the arena in D3, that’s proof you guys only care about money. Activision Dev’s listen to the players more than any other game devs, which is bad. A few smart people make 1 great game over time, not thousands of children crying that other races are OP when they lack the understanding of the games fundamentals.


I think we need a vote with a decent number of participant about new colours.


Patch 1.23.1’s “select race” and “extended color palette” features are both atrocious. Here’s how you can fix them.

  1. Instead of forcing people to “select race” before a game can start, go back to “Random” as the default and give the race selection dropdown an animation (reflection/shimmer?) to draw the player’s attention to it until first clicked.

The problem with the new system is that now every game is delayed an extra 30 or 40 seconds before it can start while the host tries to get everyone to select a race and inevitably there is at least one player who just isn’t paying attention. Very frustrating…

  1. Revert the extended color palette feature. Adding color selection is fine. Nothing wrong with that but adding more colors is a bad idea.

There are two major problems with the extended color palette:

a) Many of the new colors blend into the background making the minimap less useful. One is the exact same color as minerals for god’s sake…

b) Many of the new colors have multiword names which makes trying to communicate quickly which player you’re talking about harder. Doubly so since people don’t have the names of the new colors memorized.

These two new features are beyond bad. I, for one, won’t be playing any more Brood War until they’ve been fixed. I hope my suggestions above can help speed that process along.


I really want to praise you guys for a patch but I can’t on this one. This colour patch has made team games unplayable when certain colours are picked. Example: black can hardly be seen on the mini map, especially when fog of war is present. Cyan blends in with the minerals and gas on the mini map, there’s 2 yellows almost exactly the same?? I had a game with 2 yellow terrans in my game, one on my team, one opposing. I couldn’t tell them apart. I used shift tab to turn team colours on, the enemy Terran appeared red on my mini map but was yellow in my game. I hate to say it but are you guys serious? These patches are sometimes detrimental to the game, do you even review the colours before going ahead with the patch ? Completely amateur, also what’s the word on team matchmaking? I heard in early 2018 it was supposed to be out by the end of 2018, then it was pushed back to sometime in 2019, now it’s just not talked about? I don’t get it


Thanks for update
SC return to life in recent years
Hope the same for WC3
Please maintain match making better and faster
Also black color is hard to see, i think there is place to be better black in game maybe brighter or gray
At all black and maybe some other colors are hard to notice and see
Thanks developers


Any chance for a remastered/reforged version of starcraft 01? Or is this something I just think I want but don’t type of deal?


Lime and yellow look the same, same with tan and brown. Colors are OK but they need to be distinguishable.


I’d love for these color picking options to be in singleplayer.
as for comments on more then 8 colors randomly in broodwars, i’d like to point out there still only 8 choices, it just depended if it was a BW map or not (desert, ice, shakuras, ect) and if it was it swaped out two of the colors for another easier to see color on those maps, for example on a normal map, you can randomly be brown, but on a BW map, it would change brown to dark green. maybe if you do decide to adjust the color palettes, do a similiar thing such as that.