Patch 1.23.0 Notes

Sorry for the graphics inconveniences folks, we are looking to hotfix asap.

We are rolling back the client version to Thank you for your patience.

Sorry about your patch breaking some graphics! Hope it gets resolved, sounded like a good maintenance patch.

The Maintenance Patch; now, is live!


So far so good! Had a couple games so far. No bugs like last time.

Good luck with all your other coding!

All is well here on my end. Hackintosh-Andromeda has NO issues to report.

ETA on Gladiator fix?

SCMDRAFT2 wont work anymore. It gives an error code.

Current version has a problem with SCMDraft2.
Please fix this

scmdraft2 wont work anymore!!! plz fix it!!!

The latest patch deleted a required file from the game data, I have sent details to blizzard in order to get that change reverted, but it is 3 AM in LA so it may not be done before monday.

The newest build on the alpha site has a workaround for this issue.

When Will be Β± in ranks?

Could you guys please look at the gladiator bug? (Game crashes when gladiator pops in rnaked)