Patch 1.23.0 Notes

I’m just getting sick of all these updates. Almost every time I want to play the game, I have to sit through an update. This is what I get for wanting (and paying for) remastered graphics. Great.

Lmao you should be thankful for these 30 sec updates. They are fixing and improving the game.

They take around 30 seconds to update and it’s actively fixing bugs. How someone can complain about this is beyond me… some people just have to complain about anything they can find.

Not really. I’m not much of a complainer. But with a slow internet connection, a 30-second update would be a dream. The fastest I’ve ever had is 5 minutes. Major patches can take over an hour.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Remastered was just a graphics upgrade, which should have been able to be a simple download and then still be possible to play offline (with the new graphics). It seems that most of the ‘bugs’ are regarding ladder matches and competitions (which I don’t participate in), which is why I’m left wondering how they are improving ‘my’ game. And then, of course, there was the removal of StarEdit, which also resulted in their recommended Editor (Scmdraft2) not working… I just get the impression that they don’t properly test the updates when they try to ‘fix’ something, so there’s always another update a couple of days away.

I’ve not found any bugs in the way I play SC.

So, no, it’s not just complaining for complaining’s sake.

Still getting crashes when finding an opponent on ladder.

Hey all –

We’ve just released maintenance patch which includes code to help us further progress our efforts to squash instabilities.


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Hi Matt,
after this alst patch i got some graphical bugs ingame and in obs mode.
For example when I try to select more then one unit in Obs-mode i got a black rectangle at the left, down side of the screen.

Hey earob,

Sorry to hear that. Do you know if you are using DX9? We are seeing some incoming crash reports related to this and are investigating.


Did you devs ever figure out why some people were getting dropped from ladder games matched on Gladiator before the game started?

Hey matt I’m actually in a ladder game and got same thing since the patch. The wireframes outline has disappeared.

I have an RTX 2080

Same. Wireframe outlines have disappeared (when selecting more than one unit), and sometimes it doesn’t even show how many units I have selected.

It works like normal if I press f5 to go back to the old graphics.

Sorry for the graphics inconveniences folks, we are looking to hotfix asap.

We are rolling back the client version to Thank you for your patience.

Sorry about your patch breaking some graphics! Hope it gets resolved, sounded like a good maintenance patch.

The Maintenance Patch; now, is live!


So far so good! Had a couple games so far. No bugs like last time.

Good luck with all your other coding!

All is well here on my end. Hackintosh-Andromeda has NO issues to report.

ETA on Gladiator fix?

SCMDRAFT2 wont work anymore. It gives an error code.

Current version has a problem with SCMDraft2.
Please fix this