Option to make mind control kill peons

Can we please just ban mind control in team games or have an option so that mind control doesn’t work on scv, drone, probe. Team games that go on for more than 10 minutes are fun but there’s always some noob protoss player who mind controls his teammates peon and now it’s basically a 4v3.

FFA is unplayable because they make computers just to do this or go for the people who died and left behind half a base with peons in them. I haven’t played a FFA in a good 5 years because of this, it’s only just noob protoss stallers who wall up, mind control, and it’s virtually impossible to win.

Long team games and FFA are so fun especially so late in SC’s life when it’s always about rushing. Can we just have a feature to turn MC off for peons.

I think you’re overplaying the effects of this more than a bit.

Yes, that does open a whole extra set of supply. That said, the amount of time and mineral/gas that it costs to run two races (and forget all three) in SC:BW are so high that if a player is let sit that long unchallenged/unattacked, they’re all but guaranteed victory regardless if they are using Mind Control or not. If you take out even one of his/her Allies, it should more than tip the scales.

In Team matches, you really should be able to over power the Protoss players Allies if he/she is putting that much time and effort into running two/three whole races before it’s “…game over man, game over”. Because if you wipe out even one ally, that massively frees up your team’s marco-bandwidth and greatly increases the tax of your opponent’s marco-bandwidth, regardless of the increased unit count that the Protoss player has.

You can only manage so many things at once. Even Grand Master SC2 players have their macro limits. If it’s a noob that’s Mind Controlled Zerg and/or Terran, the effects of loosing a whole member of his/her team is generally crippling, especially if he/she is the weakest link.

That’s not to say Mind Control counts for nothing, but it’s really only a problem in FFA matches where a Protoss players gets lucky and steals a drone or SCV (or both) and just sits back and lets all the other players weaken each other and then moves in for the kill.


Protoss is not only the Protoss.

Terran, Zerg was it too have a life of Protoss’s. For a Terran and Zerg its known, and this known a needed to more know. For the real Protoss its life of full life. The best of players is who playing for Terran and Zerg then very more to known.

If the real Protoss go to known then its very damaged of life. For a Protoss is have to more a known its very blood.

The Protoss is robot? - No, its just protection.

P\s This I writted for never playing in StarCraft in Battle. I hate StarCraft.

please ban mind control

the most fun starcraft mode, free for all, is just protoss mind control losers, who can’t play. Literally all they do is camp out so they don’t get attacked, save up, go hunting in dead people’s bases, and find peons to mind control. That late in the game they can support 3 races. FFA is unwinnable against toss mind control noobs, there’s literally no reason to have mind control at this point, I have never ever seen it used in any pro replay, or any game period, except for FFA.

MC is the counter to Carriers.

This English just gave me cancer. As it was stated before, if anyone has the time to build up from scratch a new race then you are the one who is doing things wrong. Nevertheless in FFA matches, minerals as the same, amount of units that u can place in a control group are the same. If the other player is a noob just abuse the fact that he cant outrade you properly. Chip him away with optimal counter strategies and you should be fine

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hahaah, So you want to basicly eliminate the collest ability in the hole game ? Because you cant take it that you are to bad in FFA ?
You know what is unfair? Fastess possible map vs toss… Lets say your teamate get killed you are zerg and crush him you paly against 2 or 3 one toss atleast and they will not only put cannons all around you but guess what mindcontroll your dead allied and even if you out macro and outmicro him you have no chance … Would i want to get ride of MC ? No, why ? I didnt lose because he was a better player but becausse i didnt pressure enought… Same in FFA you need to take some out you cant just sit back dont expand and wait to win … Zerg can get a horde of high tech units with full energery Defillers, Queens, Devourers Nydus channel and upgrades and just make more hatches … REady to overwhlem you and switch tech fastly … Terran can go nukes, BC with Yamato Mine everything on the map, slowly pushing with mech upgrades, using flying units to make walls with scv or dont let you slect his tank under them etc.
And Toss can mindcontroll take other races gain fast upgrades through mindcontroll, gather high tech units, energy for Templars, push slowly with cannons and make more buildings … All three races have ultra lategame options if you cant use your races advantages in lategame than you are either not creativer enought or you are blaming the game for your own mistakes

yup yup coolest ability in the game. I mean I zeal rush 99% of the time and if that doesn’t work, I can always run over to my friend’s bases and steal some drone and scv, that way it can be 5v3 instead of 3v3, victory guaranteed. You suck if you use MC and you know it.

The irony of such a statement, coming from someone who loses to a player using Mind Control! If you can’t counter something that you think is a noob tactic… then I guess you must be below the noob…??

yeah mindcontrol can lead to complex situations, you gotta figure out a way to counter that, git gud
that being said I’m totally against any changes, mc helps give the games a narrative and a reason to focus on killing the protoss first

And you play whihc racE ? Protoss i guess ? XDD

Honestly, if you lose to a player that has enough time to mindcontrol a worker and develop the other races tech tree and manages to get a significant amount of units, you deserve to lose.