No queue in Asia region

It grayed out the button and said “no queue available”

When I switched to US region it was fixed, but I’m playing out of Asia

How are you even able to login??

I have no problems changing regions, I just can’t play on Asia region

I meant how are you even able to get into any lobby? It wont even let me log in anywhere.

What do you mean log in?

I can get into game lobbies fine after I get into a server. I just can’t ladder.

Your issue seems to be different from mine

The box to type in the email/passcode doesnt ever come up anymore. Instead some BS app comes up to press an “update” button. The “update” begins a scan & then after a few mintues it doesnt present a play button, it just repeats the bloody thing over & over again. Theres no tech support & Ive had no solution here nor from Blizzard. Its been this way since june. Even though the company is fighting some exceedingly stupid lawsuit you would think SOMEBODY, anybody could solve this? Bloody unbelievable.