New maps aren't in the ladder folder

The Season 9 subfolder is missing, so we don’t have the new maps to practice on, please at least update this.


As a temporary measure, you can use ASL official map data. searching for 910map.tistory on Google will come up.


“Temporary” lol, they will never get the folder back, they just wont.

I actually already use the site, thanks though! It is helpful to others, I just think the game should populate its own ladder maps folder. It’s very obtuse to find the korean site with all the ASL maps.

Kodorieg, thank you so much for the workaround. I’ll give that a try!

Blizzard: This is really inexcusable. There’s no reasonable justification for me spending 2 hours of my time trying to find a way to download the maps so that I can practice them before playing ladder. Pushing the maps out to players when you’re already doing an update is a very small thing to ask. Please spend the $100 of development time to save thousands of hours of needless labor from people like me.

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Actually the maps normally are downloaded somewhere on ladder maps… THe thing is you need to play on them first … Sometimes even multiple times … But y. they are downloaded somewhere there …
And this happens every ladder season by the way …
After a while even Blizzard creates a own ladder folder, but y you get them after playing on them, even before Blizzard wakes out of Wintersleep and creates/ renames the folder…

Just as i remembered go This PC/Documents/Starcraft/Maps/ladder

This the place they are downloaded after you played on them on ladder …Just like every Season …

yes, it does do this, but normally when a season rolls they premake the folder in the SC install (it will show in the same directory in game), with the season name

I know what you talking about, but many if not all ladder season i have experienced, like 1-2 years. They have only put that ladder folder later into the game, days after the season already has started. Sometimes even weeks later … Up until than it is complicated to see the maps that are being used.

I have played every season, and all but 1 or 2 were same day as the patch. The others were because I messaged Matt Sherman on twitter (back when he was on SC:R) and he added them.

The new maps will appear in the Ladder folder itself, outside of the Season folders once you have played games on the map. Thank me later.

I’m aware of that, but there is normally a Season 9 (or whatever number) folder. Like most people I would rather get the map downloaded and look at in game BEFORE playing on it in a ladder game.

Your wish has been granted with the latest update.

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