Network Question for the Staff

So, when I play StarCraft 2 with up to 10 people, it hardly affects my internet. Upload and download isn’t anything crazy.

But, when I host a game with like 5 people on SC:R it will upload around 30-50kbs of data, killing my internet with pings up to 3000. (I have 1.5mbs. Best I can get)

I was wondering is there anyway to optimize it like StarCraft 2? Cause I can’t play 3v3 or 4v4s with my friends or watch Play/Obs games with my clan. Makes me bummed out. It’ll be fine if there is nothing ya’ll can do but, just makes me sad that I can’t play with 6-8 people on here. (I’m the minority here but still, wanted to bring up the issue)

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You try turning a lot of the settings down? Still portraits ect. If that don’t work maybe try playing in SD and see if it reduces the lag.

Nah its not performance lag. lol

I have RTX 2080 with AMD 3950X

Nah, it is something with netcode…

Way to get around it …

Play in the best gateway for all, VPN connection, play on maps where all have already the map…
You actually can share the map via other applications so they download it and put it intheir folders for replays or whatever and you all watch it …
Get a better connection …

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My connection is way way worse than this and I do not get lag like this… that’s odd. All I can think is maybe your in a gateway that’s easily far away, but that seems obvious. Or your really really fat from your isp. Because i get downloaded speeds of like 25kb/s and I have no problems in 8 player games of scbw remastered and with terrible performance equipment.

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So weird… You’re lucky.