Need to improve the ladder system it's not fun

There’s not much division of ladder ratings, so the ladders don’t match the level of the ladders, so there’s no balance at all. It’s not fun enough.
Like the old iccup pg tour server

Olympic mark 12000~ (rank 1~10 best10)
A+ 11000~12000
A 10000~11000
A- 9000~10000
B+ 8000~9000
B 7000~8000
B- 6000~7000
C+ 5000~6000
C 4000~5000
C- 3000~4000
D+ 2000~3000
D 1000~2000
D- ~1000

I’d like to have a broad rating like this. And I want to change the map every two weeks. fighting spirit, circuit, which is well balanced with a fixed map, will be taken every two weeks, but the other four maps will be more fun if you change them.

for example, the fighting spirit, Circuit breakers, Sylphield, Gladiator Destination,Heartbreak Ridge the fighting spirit, Circuit breakers, Dantespike, Byzantium, Carthage, overwatch.
I hope you get better soon because you’re having a lot of fun.

ps - replay, you can only watch today’s game with the other person. I hope you can change your game so that you can watch it together.

I prefer S to Olympic
I think it is better to make + grade (S+ ~ F+).

7 maps are enough.
a season usually will be held for 3 months.

Ladder is not fun? It’s mostly because of smurfs. Tell me what these new ranks distributions would fix? The problem is people are making 3 characters per region while two of them are for smurfing and they just delete them constantly or just skip some games to hold the low MMR.

The only way to fix that problem would be a character limit just to one for ranked games.


7map yes but If the map changes every two weeks, the score should be 130 points for the changed map, 100 points for the regular map, and a flexible system should be installed.

I would add the use of APM on a matchmaking. So:
1)Limit 1 profile per account which holds the values below.
2)Measure Average APM on every match
3)Finally, MMR

Note: APM must be corrected and not count holding and spaming hotkeys. Others call them as eAPM (effective APM). So will be a good way to measure players multitasking abilities.

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Like others have said the problem is smurfs and ultimately playerbase. I know Brood War veterans are die hard about keeping the game as is but some things have changed for the better in RTS like WarCraft 3s control group buildings, grey transparent fog of war and worker idle reminders.

I doubt SCR will get any attention in 2020 but a request I had to 1 developer of SCR on twitter that they were open to try was to put big experimental changes to PTR of things like this to see how it plays out amongst others without forcing them onto the live game. That request was acknowledged in 2018 and my guess is that its probably never going to happen.

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