Need Protoss Scout was Upgraded!

Scout is inefficient.
raise Defense 0 -> 1

How about reducing storm to -> 50 energY?

Scout is 2x price of Wraith, and 2x durable, but same ground dps and x1,5 air dps.
Scout have bad speed, so he can’t kite scourges, run away from large enemy pack, while every mobile aviation IS better in everything: higher speed, cost-dps, sight. Corsair is scouting better, much more cost-effective in fights. But yes, 2 scouts are, as i remember, twice as affective than carriers in air-to-air. full 8x carrier costs as x2 scouts and having x2,5 durability, while havind air dps of 1 scout. So in PvP we can use sudden scout army to hunt carriers down.

But comparing to other air units, for example wraiths will easy win them in fight (i say every time about dps/cost, hp / cost), have the speed, have stealth, and harass twice better. And muta is much much better than wraiths, thanks to glaves AND zerg tendence to have more bases, more gas extractors. That all makes scout as a troll weapon, which have same problems vs scourges, as carriers.

if I had access to patching, I would double the ground damage for the scouts, and compensate for the low speed with a greatly increased viewing radius, say, basic to 11 with an improvement to 13.

Good speed until later technologies would have been clearly superfluous for them, given the ability to recharge shields on a proxy battery, but at the same time, the zerg, for example, would simply throw plague at them. I see no point in scouts being so weak against the ground, given that they have no advantage over other aircraft at all.

I, of course, have heard about non-linear balance in games, and this is what I would suggest: for example, I sometimes like to play mass wraiths against zerg, despite the fact that they are capable of losing at times to the price exchange muta. It is enough to use stealth to shave off overlords and dodge the green goo. That is, despite their problematic efficiency in exchanges, they have a great tactical advantage.

The Scouts have no advantages, in almost any situation they will be replaced by other troops. By the way, while I’m here, I want to tell those who do not know that wraiths replace battlecruisers in most of their tasks. the speed is 2.7 times higher. 3 wraiths cost like 1 battle, a battle has HP like 4 wraiths, and 3 base armor is of course a super advantage, plus they are very economical in gas, considering that even whips have to be spent no less in gas, saving only a little mineral. However, 3 wraiths have the same ground DPS as BC, and anti-air is 3 times higher (for large targets). Which makes me think that wraiths are the best air investment for a terran in most cases, and that BC should be used with the expectation of first absorbing a lot of frequent small damage, and secondly using Yamato.

Find me uses for Scouts, after reading their parameters on liqipedia, comparing with the rest and taking into account the features of explosive damage. The same muta takes twice less damage from Terran Turrets, and the bounce effect can be counted as doubling the damage

I have an old thread about upgrading the Scout as well and below were my suggestions:

  1. Reduce research time for Apial Sensors and Gravitic Thrusters to 63 sec each at fastest game speed ( currently 105 sec).
  2. Return base armor to +1 (was changed in 1.04 patch to 0)
  3. Increase ground damage upgrade to +2 per upgrade.

Do a PTR for this if you have to just for testing and see if it allows for more uses for the Scout as currently they are the only unit which sees no action in competitive ladder games and tournaments.

I like the technical discussion occurring here but I do have a use for the Scouts. You mention costs yes?

Well, it has happened to me on some occasions where I thought I had enough air defenses (installations and air support) only to find out that a few carriers and some scouts devoured my main base. And, once setup, I never have an inadequately defended base - but I do have a vastly different approach now.

I generally exploit a weaker base and pick off the enemy until the base becomes rubble - especially if they are zerg. Once you destroy the weak anti-air installations, the zerg do not really have good air defense - and yes the Yamato is perfect to destroy zerg. If you have a mass of scouts, they will do to take over the map one base removal at a time. I do also very much agree that an army of only scouts will not do, so that much is so very true.

Like I say, they are means to and end, and not the favorite choice but with protoss, I see this: all of their units cost more than cheaper units with the other 2 races (mutalisk and wraiths for instance). So, what do I do to compensate for this differential? I heavily invest in defenses because you have one of the best possible if not the best possible with protoss and the cannons being doubly advantageous - I don’t have to build turrets and bunkers or separate zerg defenses - and so I can focus on how to damage and pick off the enemy one at a time.

But, after some really heated free-for-all, the zerg I conclude would be the easiest race to win with - having the right strategy and no one rushes you quick. If you survive the beginning onslaught, then what I did is to invest in guardians and devourers. Yes, they are massively expensive and I had a lot more devourers on my last game than guardians and only had to replace them from time to time.

The guardians are so much more effective than tanks due to aerial proficiency (yes slow but…) and the lack of having to be in a mode for far range without mobility. I learned my lesson and always have more devourers than guardians - I didn’t even build up to 200 max population on my last game - and just annihilated all bases.