My name is a "reserved name"

My name is Noor, also spelled Nur. It means light in Arabic, but that doesn’t matter as StarCraft remastered does not let me pick either for a SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN name registry.
I could choose to use my middle name or a million names that aren’t mine (just for giggles I typed in ‘Mohammed’, ‘Ahmed’, and ‘Khalid’ and these were fine so it isn’t racial). However, I really, really want to know why my given name, even with an alternative spelling is forbidden to me. I find it weird, creepy, and irritating.


I have the same problem but have not gotten an answer besides choose another name. It is a local game why would a name be reserved?


For me, the game does not allow any profile with a capital N. If you use lowercase it is accepted. :frowning:

Does anyone have advice on how to fix this?

That’s a great find, Lavandula. Strange indeed. Hopefully the dev team will see this.


I have the same issue.

blizzard bans some names idky

In this case, it’s simply the letter N that can’t be used, ever, anywhere.

I just did a quick check and it’s still not being allowed.

That’s bizarre! Any idea why??

Lol No idea!

The reserved name list must have accidentally had a single “N” put on it. Maybe a bump of the keyboard?

Strange for sure!

I’m having the same problem putting a capital N :unamused:

Same issue, what an unfortunate dumb bug… Not a big deal obviously but I’ve always used the same username MaRcEsCeNt for everything so it’s a big of a shame.

Lol, you can… THe only problem is that you cant put N in capital letters …

i tested a bit it seems all other letters in capital letters seem to work…
Intrestigly you can Write Ñ in capital letters

Other keyboards layouts like Dvorak will not change this. N remains not accepted …

Also you could use other letters that look similar from other keyboard layouts to take the place from krylish or whatever …

I know you can’t be satisfied,
I solved it using Russian letters.

There seems to be no other way than this other way.