Menu option to disable map ping

Is there any way to add in a feature to disable map pings from being seen from your perspective in game? If you have a degenerate team mate who backseat games such as Hollywood@USWest you can always block them and not hear a word they say the whole game. If you get an idiot like WhiskeyScotch @ US West on your team you can block them but will still have to look at their infinite map ping spam all over the map including your base. Some people have epilepsy and seeing people map ping all game could cause seizures.

Also is there a way to BAN the account WhiskeyScotch at U.S West?? This guy starts the game by map pinging his allies base and telling them what to do. Last time I played with him he pinged my base within the first 20 seconds of the game and told me what build to go. As a result I sent all my scvs to attack his nexus and left the game. The game had only just started, we were less than 20 seconds in and he was using the minimap ping feature to backseat game and bully other players.

I don’t think this was targeted harassment of me personally because I have seen replays of him doing the same thing to other people. If he was doing it as a form of targeted harassment of me because he does not like me I would not bother talking about him. He does this to many people that he plays with. I am pretty toxic myself but WhiskeyScotch is toxic to a level where he should not be allowed to play the game.

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/ignore ID and /squelch ID commands can be used to disable text viewing, but I am not sure if it limits the ping function. There is also a /dnd command that limit entire message and notification.
You can also report bad user. /report ID reason e.g. /report ID map ping spam

Those features do not work to block map pings in the game. It would be so much easier to just be able to turn map ping off rather than have to try to backstab all the idiots that do it.

You are the one that should be banned. You write racist and insulting slurs every game and spam a pretty idiotic sentence the whole game.

Evidence can be seen on your own twitch channel and otherwhere:
twitch. tv/jurassicprobe/videos?filter=all&sort=time
tl. net/forum/brood-war/125455-awesome-confusing-bm?page=22#432
youtube .com/watch?v=XA7PZah6Vpc

And I am sure if you pick a random replay from here, we will see that you are the BM spammer: repmastered .app/player/JurassicProbe

If you troll and insult people, do not complain if you get BMed and trolled back. You are so tilted as soon as someone pings, even if it is only a legitimate ping. Of course people will try to tilt you more with pinging.

Try to be a normal human being, then you will not be trolled…