Map editor not saving anymore


I’ve already created 3 maps and played it several times already. Now that I’m planning on creating my fourth map, it just doesn’t save anymore.

If create new map, add start locations, it doesn’t save. It stays as untitled (no pop up window to set where to save file and put title). But when I open my previous maps, make some changes, save… it works perfectly fine.

Why is this happening? Please help.


Are you using staredit or scmdraft?


I’m just using StarEdit, the one that comes with StarCraft. I did search about scmdraft. Would you recommend to use that instead? Do you know where to download it?



I’d recomment it, but its up to you. The errors you have with staredit are very unusual so I cannot say whether it will help. Perhaps you are trying to save to a dir without write access.

News post for the latest official release is here:

And newest nightlies are here:


Thanks so much for these. I downloaded scmDraft 2 and will give it a try.


I am having the exact same issue. I was advised from an employee to come here. I am using StarEdit and I too am unable to save any map(s) that I create. Whenever I click on save nothing happens, it just doesn’t save. The map is always labeled untitled for me as well. The program’s save function just doesn’t seem to work for me either.


Start downloading scmdraft 2. It works pretty fine! :slight_smile:

(Grant Davies) #8

ScmDraft is a great choice. Given that there are superior third-party alternatives, we do not actively support StarEdit any more, and in future releases we will no longer ship it.


Oh I had no idea StarEdit wasn’t supported anymore. I suppose I will download ScmDraft then. Thank you for letting us know.


Thank you for clarifying that you no longer support StarEdit. I’ll just go with scmdraft 2 moving forward.