Maintenance Patch Notes - April 22nd, 2020

aka Frux
aka nameless account
aka many others

FruX You is using a different username now. I think they banned “Dizzydwarf” (Battlenet tag). Which is great… but he just made a new 1. Is there a way to hide ip? Just nullify this guys weapons.

Hey, happy that you take care of the game!
Can I ask why can’t we invert Z axis with drag scroll mouse3??
And I would like an option to not move the camera when mouse is at edge of the screen, as starcraft 2!

I’m an old sc1 player, and after few years of starcraft 2, i think thoses two options realy lacks to the game.

Is there any news on Team games fro the Remastered owners?, i Installed back again and there is no improvement or new features other than colors. What happened in here.