Maintenance Patch Notes - April 22nd, 2020

April 22nd, 2020

Greetings all,

We’ve just released a Hotfix patch to address an issue with the friends list not populating correctly under certain circumstances.

April 14th, 2020

We’ve just released a Hotfix patch which addresses the infinite stacking of workers, as well as a bug with Korean VO options.

April 7th, 2020

We’ve just released maintenance patch which tightens some areas that some cheaters were using to exploit the game. Also, we’ve recently ramped up our ability to auto-ban accounts caught cheating or trying to hack StarCraft: Remastered.
Although the percentage of people trying to cheat is very low, we’ll continue to execute against a zero tolerance of cheating/hacking…

Play Nice, Play Fair!


Why would you patch speed games nobody wants to play a single game for 30 minutes whoever decided to do that should be fired!!

yea for real why was speed games removed? it doesn’t say anything about that in patch notes… hopefully its just a bug that slipped in… speed made this game much more fun. Any news ?

Looks like we broke turbo speed games. Sorry about that folks. We’re going to get that fixed.


i thought turbo games were part of the cheats blizzard removed

Turbo speed games are pretty pointless, who cares if Fastest players can’t play the game how it is not meant to be played lol

We’ve released to address this issue.

I’ve been lagging pretty hard vs koreans lately. Just 2-3 months ago I usually got tr24 high vs koreans and now I’m getting only tr 12/14 today. Turn rates have been constantly going down. Why has this been happening?

This lag is happening for every players in NA/europe/SA. Could you please fix?

Thanks for great work! Any plans to release new features Grant? Maybe some dev update like we’re working on them or something?


The discussion on the previous patch being closed, I wanted to thank the SCR team for the extended colors.

As a mapmaker and UMS player, I can say those are essential for many UMS maps (more especially the black color). Thanks !!


I am using WINE, SCR works perfectly until this patch. Now it runs but when i try to enter in a game the screen freezes and then SCR exits showing a typical windows error dialog.

Please help!

Good to see you are still there.

I have been using WINE as well to play StarCraft and starting with this latest patch StarCraft wont even launch.

korean version’s two vocal sound option is changed each other.

Do you intend to actually do anything about the multiple US West users actively DDOSing/intimidating players in the custom map community? They have been named before on blizzard forums, some time ago, and still continue to engage in this activity. I personally was affected recently and know a multitude of other users who have been DOS’d by these individuals. I’ve reported their accounts in game to no effect. One of them uses an actual broken username (not a spoof) that is impossible to squelch, ignore, or even report because it is displayed/registered as literally nothing, not even an empty spaced character. He told me he created it before it was patched and the username is still available for him to log in. He uses it when he engages in the DDOSing activity/intimidation to prevent users from ignoring him or reporting him. I have his actual battletag if blizzard is willing to investigate, I also have screenshots, replays, etc. PLEASE, these people are killing a small but active community on US West and suffering ZERO repercussions for it. This is the same person that disabled US West back in 2014-2015 by killing every game lobby and changing every lobby’s name to “his username > you”, same guy who is affiliated with people/has claimed himself to have conducted attacks on Blizzard servers. If someone from Blizzard contacts me I can provide more info including account names/battletags, screenshots, replays, etc. There’s no reason to allow this to continue, and no way for users to effectively protect their IP address in starcraft.


^ this , signed 1000000%

Agreed, please fix! I have been lagging every game too, I used to never lag vs Korean players.

Super66, what is the said users account who is DDoSing everyone on USWest? I am also a USWest / KR server user

Hi, I’m fata and the leader of Korean map makers community.
Our community reported about lot of illegal advertisement game rooms which are full of spam site and URL. They disturb finding right game in game list.
It is not only single game but also lots of games. You can see spam games in below image link : https@://
(You have to remove @)
Please kick them all. Thank you.

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