Load next level triggers not working - update

OK. So there’s a bug in the game where the “load map” triggers do not work in the game. Here’s an example: (1)Kharadun02.scm is supposed to load (1)Kharadun03.scm if you take your character to Goal 1 or (1)Kharadun04 if you take it to Goal 2. If you lose the mission, it’s supposed to reload the same map you’re playing. Instead of doing either of those things, it just takes you back to the campaign menu (the screen with the 3 races displayed for the campaign, not the Starcraft main menu). Please fix this bug because this can potentially ruin choose your own adventure based campaigns.


Last time I played SC:Remastered this was working. If it doesn’t work now, maybe they have broken it recently? I will have to test it, but I don’t have time right now.

Could you let me know if the triggers loading the next map work on your copy and if so, tell me how to fix it if possible? Any solutions are very welcome!

Same here! :scream:
I’ve noticed this obvious bug yesterday and Josue was absolutely right - this trigger has worked prior to the last patch.

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This is really bad becayse will affect custom campaigns hugely. BUMP this so devs will investigate.

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It basically all started when I defeated a level called (1)Zerg06.scm, a level for the Retribution campaign (which was created using Staredit by WizardWorks). I finished the level and after I went through the results screen, the game sent me back to the campaign screen instead of loading up (1)Zerg07.scm automatically. The moment I discovered that, I decided to test the trigger by using a custom practice map I created a year ago. I added a trigger to make sure it loads one of the other maps that I downloaded, but still found no luck. Not even using third-party editors like SCMDraft 2 could fix the problem. This is very concerning to me. I don’t want to have to look at the hood of the map just to see what map I’m supposed to load next manually. I want the game to do the map-loading for me like it did previously before Blizzard applied the 1st patch of 2019 for the game.

GeneralKrang, have you discovered this thread, yet? :grinning:

Yeah, I have also played a custom campaign in February/March and it works absolutely fine then. When have you played Retribution? I suppose the last patch (May 1st) is responsible for that annoying bug.

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Well, I can confirm this issue. Really, why would such an ugly bug happen? Careless coding? I can’t believe it. As it is right now, custom games don’t work properly because when you win, the next map is not loaded.

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I just did now. And I also experienced the same problem with the editor too concerning saving.

As for the Retribution campaign that I was playing, I began playing it on November 26, 2018, long before Blizzard’s 2019 patch. I discovered the bug on May 15, 2019, 2 weeks after the May 1st patch. Wanting to see if the bug will get fixed (and also wanting to take a break from Retribution for a while), I decided to postpone finishing Retribution until Blizzard’s next patch. That’s all the information I can say.

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