Let us pick which version to run

It’s time to just simply let us choose which version we run. I don’t really care if I have to have the latest version in order to play online, or play ranked or whatever, I only ever play single player or LAN with people that I know personally. I’d be able to watch my replays again for the first time in over a year. Players experiencing crashes and other problems with recent patches could simply revert back to a version that worked for them. Then everyone’s happy. You should not be able to force players to always have the latest version. We’re the ones paying for the game. I understand that the game isn’t overly expensive and it’s free without the remastered graphics, but I think that at least some of us want a little more control over what we have purchased or at least installed on our computers. For example: I want to be able to run 1.22.4 because my replays all worked correctly on that version and I simply don’t want to wait any longer(it’s already been over a year) for it to be fixed. That is, if they ever actually fix it. I currently have no reason to believe that they intend to fix it. Anyways, this could be a solution for at least hundreds of people that are having issues, if not more.

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It would be really awesome and great to do efforts for sustainability of the game. Having an official Starcraft patcher could be great so that people could patch the game to inferior versions at least to be able to watch broken replays. In the past, the Starcraft community acomplished this with 7x patcher.

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I can agree that if people desires to play an older version they should be able to launch said version from the Btnet app, but of course this wouldn’t work for Online gameplay.

As an added “incentive” to this kind of thing it would be nice that they even added a “1.17” version that is just like 1.16 but with window mode working, hotkeys and some other minor services we are used from Remastered (no new graphics or Btnet), that would be very nice to have as patching that with BWAPI for instance could be very easy…

Please i hope you are reading Matt, Sherman and Pete i think this could be a solution. Release a multi version option in Btnet that includes 1.17 for legacy addons compatibility. If you are paranoid people will “populate” Iccup and Fish again if you do this RIP OFF the Netcode from it.

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I agree that online, or at least ranked would probably have to be disabled or something since a lot the patches they’ve released fix potential exploits and stop hackers/cheaters, but you could always have LAN or something between players that are currently running the same version. I think the idea of being able to swap to an older version for single player or replays until an issue that someone may be having is fixed could be a great way to allow people to play the game while issues are either in the backlog or still being worked on.