Its version 1.17 possible? Blizzapp version Launcher?

The suggestion of this thread is if the Devs could see a way of giving us the option to have “prior version” installs of course, without the Btnet options, just LAN support (with people launching with the exact same version). So if someone is just playing the campaign and the patch breaks the experience for them Let them have the option to have 2 installation folders, this would have a BIG copatibility message pop out when first launched of the type: Some of the save files, maps, replays might not work and if modified in prior version might not be compatible in the future., something like that. But let people launch prior versions, install them uninstall them as they chose.

With this idea i also would like to openly SUGGEST that the Devs also launch a version called “1.17”, which woud allow people play in the old 1.16 version (prior to Remastered Release) but it would also contain SOME of the positive things from the Remastered version without the graphics and Btnet support, those positive are:

  1. Windows mode, and moving mouse in an out in window mode as remastered currently allows.

  2. Hotkeys customization menu

  3. Cloud save setting service for all settings such as: volume, sound, sensitivity, APM, time on/off, game speed etc.

But in essence it would be like playing 1.16 but with with some 2020 features. This could allow old mods to be run like BWAPI and CoachAI, or just old maps, replays etc. All with old graphics of course.

Remember that this 1.17 version will have NO Btnet support, but it is encourage that it allows LAN, tho i can understand that the Devs might be paranoiac that people might “bring back” community made servers like Iccup and such, so i suggest that they RIP OFF the Online NetCode, tho that is entirely on their hands. Just allow LAN playing (with people owning the exact same version of course), so if someone wants to have a 1.17 version gameplay over emulated LAN allow them… tho for someone like me even if you release this version without ANY NetCode it would be amazing because it could be compatible with 1.16 mods such as BWAPI and Coach AI and a lot others. Even consider such a version for people playing in 32 bits computers.

I think this could be a nice “gift” for the community, a nice way so we can get our BWAPI and COACH AI in a 2020 version (with window mode and such) while still being capable of playing Remastered without using “shaddy” unofficial launchers and such. Why not even make this version accessible from the Remastered menu itself.

So that is my idea i have noticed people are complaining about the new update because it seems that apparently the new Graphical improvements has made the experience work for some and worse for others. The devs have already fixed some of this early problems with this update which i am sure where to some extend expected, i am also sure they wished more people would have jump into PTR testing so they would have more “data” to work around, nothing to blame, we have a better working 64 bit and more stable Graphical UI interface rendition on our hands, and that should make us happy.

Please consider giving us “older version installs and launching” and version “1.17”, it would be an amazing gift. Btw i completely understand that this request might be ridiculous in the sense that this functionalities like “window mode” have been build in the new code…and adapting them to 1.16 code sounds nightmarish and would entitle a lot of work, work that is not priority or even efficient considering the DEVS should be working on Team Match Making as we speak, but i think this could be a good solution to have for old mods compatibility so its inmo a good use of the DEVS time.

By the way, some days ago i wanted to test the Public test realm version you can select, instead of the “normal version”. It started to download 6 Gb and something and i thought no …
Now after readying this post lets give it a try, and i selected the PTR and it didnt start to download 6 Gb and so… After the first time i wanted to test it, i put a post /comment to the annoucement they have to PTR asking to not make the players download agian the hole basicly … Did they really make it so that the players ididint have to download the hole game, or did it just download again, with me not noticing ?

By the way there is noone in the PTR … So what do we do in PTR ? I went laddering, but noone there aparently … 355seconds … No game to join …

Well apparently all the downloaded maps,etc. are not there so it probally is hole game downloaded again … BAh…

The PTR as for the Graphical update (there has been other PTR before) was the same size as the complete game because well, it is the complete game on your hardrive, a second Install if you will. Yes the PTR test was like having a new install, not a lot of players around, i played around 2 o 3 games and noticed that it was exactly the same (transparently more stable) and moved on, that was the point, if i would have had a problem i would have come here and just stated my specs and situation.

The devs are not magicians, and they CANT (affordably enough) test on every single system/configuration out there, its not humanly possible.

The point was so let say you load a map and it crashes, it would send “reports” and they would get that data, otherwise the idea was that people would come here to the forums, twitter wherever and just comment “for me in Apple OSX is not working correctly because…yata yata”, the problem is that not many people used it… and not a lot of data was gathered.

The interesting point is that there was a “good will” from the Developers to give some weeks notice there was going to be a change, and the change is great for the majority of people as far as i can tell. I can assure you they are revising all the information people are giving here in the Forums and on their reports and customer service and “tweaking” for a next patch or so, i am sure of it.

ok, thx you answered all my questions…

Good luck on your path.

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You’re full of dreams :sleeping_bed:, Blizzard won’t ever do this, God damn forgive them.
On the other hand, I’m making a new Discord community for StarCraft CoachAI, it’s currently private (invite-only), I’m also hoping to gather some ICCUP players in this place.

My Problem is that on the 1.16.1 version the mouse feeling and movement isnt the same as on the Remastered client, that why idont like to play 1.16.1 version …
If you have any solutuion to this problem, iam all open ears …

Thinking about it … It may have something to do with the “use mouse scaling” Option…
THat replicates the “original” screen resolution input distance… Since i have this disactivated … Is there are way to get the Remastered waY?

I’ve only free scr (with black bars right/left) , I’ve no problem switching to v16 (which run stretched in full screen, no stupid black bars)
No mouse issues for me in both of them.