Is this game still being developed?

Are developers still working for this game?


Apparently they are not, they are sending us a clear message to start thinking less on the future of this game.


They are, though it is very low priority like Diablo III. Only Diablo II is even lower on Priority.

I don’t think so, but possibly? Idrk

Since we received no updates for such a long time, I would say no or it will be done with very low priority, like others ,mentioned. It’s sad, because there are still issues with the game (the cloud saves being bugged for example) and they’ve released microtransactions in the game, but they should fix it too !

Going off the last priority list, it’s likely there’s still work being done. (It was updated on 9/24/2019 so it’s not terribly old).

I think people got used to the early days when patches came out rapid fire, even for just small things. Since about the end of 2018, they started slowing the patch cadence down by packaging more together.

What we could use is a new, updated priority list for 2020. With the completed items and commentary like the last list had.


I will bet a new priority list wont even be made, they will just change the name to the old thread.

On the other hand we might get a developer video probably at some point in the next 3 months, but i am sure we wont like it, maybe they will say that Team Match Making is not possible to make but we can expect custom games done in “team mode” will have its own ladder or something dumb like that.

it would appear they are still working on it based on their reply 15 days ago.

Naturally. It wouldn’t make sense to type up a whole new one from scratch. Changing the title and editing where necessary is far easier.

It has been a long while since the last video. That’d be great to see.

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Grant Davies was actually just Tweeting about some of the code.

Yes. They are still working on Starcraft Remastered. I get the impression that some of the developers got shifted over to Warcraft III Reforged for a few months to try to get it ready for release. And there will probably still be a lot to fix with that game.

As for Diablo II, there’s at least some work being done on it to get it to run as a 64-bit application as required by Mac OS X Catalina. But it’s no longer being listed in the job postings for Classic Games and it’s looking like the group has taken over maintaining Diablo III and handling its themed seasons and new items sets instead.


I’m really worried, lately there were zero blue posts. Did they just vanish all forever? How about priorities? Maybe fixing last patch hit them hard huh?!

It’s a really old game that got a remaster and might sell occasional skins to justify keeping it online. It was primarily skinned for Korean “e-sports”, don’t expect updates. Other than making sure the game runs smoothly it needs nothing else. It’s a classic, it’s not meant to be developed and changed like a modern game. That’s what SC2 and beyond is for.

Matt sherman is spending his time playing warcraft 3 reforged according to his twitter.

2019 budget went into custom color picker

It would be honest… because for one i doubt they are interest in tackling TMM really.

No. Luckly. Sooner or later this game will die. Once and forever. If Blizzard personnel were smarter they wouldn’t have done Remastered. They would have done a new RTS game.

Imagine that !!! Blizzard doing something new, damn, that is crazy talk.


answer is no
answer is no