Imagine only having two resources

This post was brought to you by the Age of Empires II gang

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Well, go back to Age of Empires and save this space for StarCraft! :wink:


imagine being slow as hell that your player needs 5 energy drinks to stay awake in order to finish a match.
T. Broodwar gang

(I love both games equally lmao ngl)

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Yes, in this house we play black forest and boom for 2 hours behind 7 layers of walls

Well, dont know if you really play Starcraft… But in reality there arent two ressources…
Their is also food aka supplies -> Houses in Age of Empires, than if you play Zerg there is also the ressource called larva … If you go further you can even make a argument that creep and in case they ever make or have made a pylon neutral for all toss players energy fields also are ressources…

I mean finite/non-replenisheable resources, really, and not counting supply. And this is just a s-post, that my AoE clan made me do because I lost a bet.

I have played AOE before, its more versatile with resources, and a more complex in that aspect. While is tedious because longer matches… and No races there just humans!
BTW imagine fliying units on AOE :sweat_smile:

There are … Age of empire 3 … scouting ballons …
And in age of mythology … there are even a bunch of mythic creatures …

I mean, this post is dumb idk why you guys bothered replying, please let it die already

But, to be honest, high level AoE II matches aren’t that much longer than the average starcraft game. Noob games and team games tend to be very long because they play very defensively and build big armies, but rushing and early game tactics are pretty much the norm in high level 1v1 games.