I get "The application encountered an unexpected error"

Whenever I try to play StarCraft, I get an error “The application encountered an unexpected error” with no details other than the report ID.

Most recent Report ID I got: B2231E05-5CCF-401C-B009-9D35251271DA

I tried everything; updating drivers, uninstall & install again and run as administrator. None of them fixed it. Can someone please help me with this error?

I read some posts that OneDrive may be the cause of the error, so I uninstalled OneDrive, but I still get the error.

Hey Ryupiel,

In order to know for sure if it was OneDrive, the “Starcraft” folder (in the Documents folder) must be unsynced. Unfortunately, uninstalling OneDrive doesn’t unsync any folders.

Try reinstalling OneDrive, then manually unsyncing the Starcraft folder (inside the Documents folder). Then try SC again. After that, you can uninstall OneDrive again if you want.

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