How does one add new missions/campaigns to SC1?

Simply put, I am having a bit of difficulty adding player-made maps/campaigns and “unofficial” expansions to SC1. I have the now-free Blizzard version (I still have my discs as well) and do not have remastered. Recently, I found a copy of the less-than-stellar (see what I did there?) Insurrection expansion, but I have had no luck installing it in the traditional way. I am aware that one can copy map files to game folders, but I would like to have the inter-mission cinematics as well for the full experience. I just wondered if I was missing something. I still want to try Insurrection and perhaps Rebrith as well as some of the player-made campaigns.

I am also unsure if content is cross-compatible between original BW and Remastered. There is, for example, an Insurrection: Remastered campaign, but I am not sure for which version that is and, again, not sure how best to install it.

Thank you in advance for any input

I don’t know about intermission cinematics… I’ve never expirenced something like that from custom maps. (unofficial blizz maps)

Are you using MAC or Windows?

I think Insurrection and Retribution requires one of the first (patch) versions of StarCraft and/or Brood War. You should do a search over the internet on that.

Other campaigns are mods which require specific game versions like 1.16 or less so that you can install custom made .exe and .mpq files in/over the original game’s directory/files.

There’s no way to insert cinematics into custom made campaigns. That’s something that is hard coded into the official campaign. Even Insurrection (and Retribution) don’t have cinematics.

I may play around with Insurrection and Retribution to see if I can tweak them into running in the current version without requiring too much work.

EDIT: I didn’t have any issues playing Insurrection using the original version.

Let me clarify… by cinematics, I meant the discussions that go on between major characters between missions, not full FMV. I was able to copy the maps and campaign files from Insurrection into the folders without issue and I could play them, but they were completely divorced form context. It was simply “Here’s the map, here is your start point, get to it” I am trying to preserve as much of the full experience as possible as well as be open to all fan content.

Leviathan, I would appreciate any help that you could give me technically. I also could not get Insurrection to even recognize the current Battle-Net version of the game. As I said, though, I do have both my original SC and BW discs. That said, where can I get various patches for older versions? If I can only play Insurrection pre-Brood War, I can manage that.

It sounds like you don’t have the game type set to “Use Map Settings”.

That seems to be the problem. I haven’t player anything but the canon campaigns in so long that I had totally forgotten about that.