Help please i cant play with my friends in the same house with the same internet

I want to play with some friends in the same online game but it doesn’t let the 3 of us enter the room, only two. always the third party who wants to enter the game says “unable to join the game” sometimes does not let us both enter. Why is this problem? I don’t think that, with the 3 of us having the sc, we can play together online and not on LAN since the games we want are more players and occupy more people than just the 3 of us, how do I solve this?


You can make a game on with a password so that only your friends can join. I use when playing on LAN is unreliable.

If this is not preferable you could see if Starcraft is exempt from the firewall. If it is not you should put the game on the exception list.
Otherwise you can try “Port Forwarding”:

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The person who cannot join should look in the options under network.
Find the option prefer port 6112 and either enable or disable it.
I’m pretty sure the issue is simply port forwarding on the same port with 3 local ips.