Hackers are preventing me from hosting my custom map

Dear Blizzard

Half the time that I host my map (Footmen Frenzy) on StarCraft, the people complain that their Starcraft crashes and that they are unable to join my game.

On the other end, I see users joining and leaving, but I am coming to a conclusion that these are multiple accounts controlled by a group of several hackers hellbent on preventing people from playing my map.

These users (whom I assume to be multiple accounts controlled by the same group of people) who join are especially antagonistic to a 4 player game or 8 player game, insisting that we only start with 2 or 3 players including me. They keep telling me to open all slots, when, in fact, from my experience, having all slots open lowers the frequency of people joining, whereas having 1 slot open in the players slot and 1 slot open in obs slot at the same time would get higher frequency of people joining (although I assume that most of the users who join are the hacker-controlled accounts).

Anyhow, the most important point here is that about half the users who try joining my game, who are streamers on twitch or afreecatv have told me that their Starcraft crashes after a long wait of the game trying to connect, then being unresponsive, whenever they try to join my map. My map has no virus and is available on gamemaps dot com, where it won several awards.

Please fix the bugs and deny the hackers vulnerability in Starcraft that prevents people from joining my game. Thank you

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