Group matchmaking timeline update

How about an incremental approach to this complicated new system?
As you guys receive feedback and start working on it, it may be easier to get the ball rolling.
I think most people agree that if you guys release anything, it’s going to be better than nothing/ the status-quo.
The initial implementation could be a very simple system.
Here’s an example roadmap that could allow progress, and alleviate the issue with finding the correctly skilled games quickly.

Phase 1

2v2 only on regular maps, no match making system. Local server only, perhaps limit to a couple of servers localize skilled games to few as possible servers.
(This might be good to just keep around for a while, until everything is working just dandy. )
Add a ranked game type option, (top vs bottom, only allowed to use ranked maps from ladder folder)
Start calculating 2v2 scores and displaying them when people join.
Compute ladder score on each team, recalculate based on outcomes.
Keep a 2-minute draw condition to alleviate lag if it were to be an issue.
Remove loss condition if player loses all buildings but his ally wins.

Phase 2
Allow preset groups to match vs other preset groups.
Add a couple of screens for 2v2 match making. Ranked -> 2v2 -> Choose ally -> Friend/Ally accepts -> enter queue
Start with regular 2v2 map choices, more maps can be added later.
Queue takes calculation of both MMRs to create a score to match and uses same algorithm as 1v1 with some modifications for lag checking all players.
Players receive points using same algorithm as 1v1 system.
Consider keeping a 1-minute draw condition if lag conditions are not favorable.
After game ends add a side lobby tab to score screen so that all players are still together for rematches.
Add a rematch button waiting on players to click it or “find next game”.
Allow player to remain in game beyond elimination.
Phase 3
Add maps, eg BGH/Hunters and a new separate league for Fastest
Add 3v3 mode, same as 2v2, except 3 people must join the queue.
Hold off on 4v4 until individual join mode is created.
Phase 4
Add individual join mode to mix. Group players with similar MMRs to face off vs similar MMR opponents.
Add 4v4, this may not have enough players to support a thriving 4v4 scene.
Add options to calculate time estimates based on real data.
Further optimizations based on feedback

Future phases/ideas
Map of the week system
Add fixed position map types, (there are some ums maps that could be ported to this new type immediately)
Add system to promote maps to ladder
Add eccentric map leagues, eg old maps larger map pools.
Add map analytics


Team match was promised last year.
Please stop making promises that cannot be kept, you are getting our hopes up for nothing.


Just roll back to 1.16. And quit


Pathetic. Utterly pathetic and unacceptable. A core feature missing for TWO YEARS after release. How hard would it be to consolidate (grey out all but two) gateways and enable lobby 2v2 ladder, copying Iccup until you come up with something better? No, instead you wait around for 2 years and make excuses


How many 21 years old games have the luxury of a development team and televised tournaments? I think not many

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Guys, the Cartooned skin was made by a separate team of just artists so stop b***hing about it please.

Also without something to sell we aint gonna have either a dev team and KSL that’s for sure.
Blizz not gonna support esport and development out of charity.


Wasnt team MM promised at preorder times? xd


Hey there Grant! It’s always nice to see a response and update from you guys. I understand that there are around 3 guys working on this. How about asking help from your own company? It’s unaccaptable to leave such a masterpiece in this state without delivering what ppl wanted on launch. Nevertheless I’m always happy for any updates you push. Remastered hwaiting!


Waiting for preferred outcomes to move the needle on a number 1 priority doesn’t serve the customer.
Anything is better than nothing. Starting with an iccup like system would satisfy and reinvigorate thousands of players.


I believe you guys are trying to get this done. I hope you will, soon enough. And I’ll make a selfish demand here and say it would be amazing if you could make dragscrolling in bw just like it is in sc2 and wc3 (they’re the same, but different in bw).

When u call a remastered game 21 years old.


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Blizzard needs more servers and fix the lag issues first. We should not be only be able to play a lagless game with players in our own country or near it. We should be able to play a lagless game with other countries especially korea

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Sure, u willing to give them the money to spend on those servers? Cuz ur 10 bucks sure will be enough for them to buy the servers, jeez be real on your demands dude

<3 just saw this thread, and after the reforged release it’s apparent what’s going on with you guys at the classic teams :frowning: I hope this backlash incentives the higher ups to invest more into the classic gems which are the core of what people see when they refer to blizzard as blizzard. as much as overwatch and other new games are what blizzard tries to push nowadays those games aren’t the core of the company nor will ever be, the day they are is the day blizzard becomes just another company.


It’s too late, nobody cares any more. And btw we all know that if this feature is ever implemented, it’s going to suck anyway like everything else you’ve done

So, let’s see if SC:R can launch multiplayer before Blizzard fails, you fools :upside_down_face:

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just change the main page that says in the table “matchmaking - yes” to “1v1 matchmaking - yes” and “team matchmaking - no”…
game is out for 30 months now, if there would ever be a team mm, we would already have it…
i remember once (years ago) i saw a Diablo 3 PvP Arena gameplay published by blizzard. do we have d3 pvp ?

the pathetic thing is that they can simply close down a couple gateways very easily, it would force a greater concentration of players, and then all they need to do is implement a iccup like lobby ladder system. this could have been done and ready at release. If we can play lobby custom 2v2 at release, we can play 2v2 ladder at release. End of story. Thats a next level degree of incompetence.

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You realise this is Blizzard? They can take something relatively simple, like updating graphics, and not only ruin the new version of the game, but the old version too.

You see, you know the answer already!