Game crashes when clicking join button

After did the update, win10, regular SC:

  • the game crashes every time, on any realm when clicking on the join button.
  • Creating games works though - playing in it is fine
  • the game sometimes crashed drops after closing the score panel.
  • used to crash several times at multiplayer SC/BW option but no crash anymore for now

Edit: it actually also crashes at the very beginning of the start menu, or also in the chat lobby

Could you include a crash ID that appears on Blizzard Error when it crashes?

This is the crash id after clicking on the join button
or D6C7034E-62E7-4D81-A9ED-E0D321FE456F

Thanks for that info. Unfortunately it’s still not obvious why this is crashing for you. Can you reach out to us at and we can get some more info from you?

While you’re working with Grant, I noticed your nvidia graphics drivers are very old - from way back in 2017. Can you try updating that for me and see if it fixes the problem?

After a week I decided to reinstall the game.
the game is now working properly without these specific crashing . Since I was discussing with Grant I did not see your recommendation to update my driver (on this forum) and was focussed discussing with him. So I do not know what issue the patch may have caused.