Game Crash and your submit ticket is not working

Hi I have been trying to download starcraft remaster to play again. But keeps showing up this error A88BDABB-CF13-44E7-BB04-5A0A741F385F And i have already tried to submit a ticket but it will not load or upload my info for my specs of the DxDiag at all. And this is frustrasting that your ticket submit has to require that info. Then I already did try to launch the game in 32 bit did not work came up with the same error code.

It is failing to read the settings file in your Documents/StarCraft/CSettings.json. Does that file exist? You could try deleting it in case it has somehow become corrupt.

Ok the game is now working and launching after deleting that. Now if Starcraft II is having the same launch code error do i go into starcraft II and delete the same thing as well?

Hey, Ordaro! Both of the crashes with SC1 and SC2look similar. You don’t have to delete the Variables files for StarCraft II, however. The cause for the crashes are due to OneDrive syncing with the Documents folder. This should help with the issue:

Do not uninstall OneDrive, it will not resolve the issue.

Once done, if SC1 is still experiencing the crashes, deleting the CSettings.json file again should do the trick!