Forgotten UMS (anyone will help?)


100 years ago i have played an interesting UMS (it was 2007r. od 2008r.) and now i have forgotten its name… :stuck_out_tongue:

I also cant find it in the internet so decided to ask here. Chance is weak but maybe someone will help :slight_smile:

Things i remember:

  • it was defending type of UMS
  • u got only 1 hero (u can boost him during game, hero gets stronger during game and u can buy upgrades) i remember i always choose hydra - it was the best hero
  • u kill waves of enemies and bosses
  • it was very hard UMS
  • it was for max 4 players
  • it was the best UMS i have played xD

yea i know… this info is weak… but after 10+ years its hard to remember more… :slight_smile:

One of the Special forces maps? There are 1 or 2 that are extremely hard.

Gonna back this, maybe Zerg Special Forces? Those ones are usually insane.

Test of Survival - ???

Could try: bounding dot net

But its probably Special Forces.

Mini Town Defence? You defend a small town against waves of enemies and bosses, while you train in between.