[FIX PLEASE] 20th anniversary console axis vertical problem ::added screen capture

=https://imgur.com/a/yrSXkED<<<<<<<< I don’t know how to upload screenshot keep this site says can’t upload a link so that url is all the screenshot i captured

20th Anniversary consol is uncompleted

The screen went up

It’s a little uplifted, but because of this, I can’t play games Stably even though I like the 20th anniversary console design.

for example. I Can’t Click The Zergling the bottom of the map<== This is case of when i switched to Previous skin(F5) from 20th console
and everything is Inconvenience



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Is that so?, are you willing to take some screenshoots of it?, maybe comparing the “click boundaries” to other consoles please?, nobody else that i know notice this.

The exact problem is not the click boundary

If you use a console other than the 20th anniversary, select a building such as Command Center, Hatchery, Nexus, etc., and press the number twice after numbering,
The screen is centered on the building.

But The 20th anniversary console screen is down. That is the most annoying thing. It is inconvenient to switch the screen because the center of the screen is down.

I will post a screenshot later. This is the part anyone can check in the game immediately without looking at the screenshot.


Oh i see. what you guys are trying to explain is that the 20th anniversary hub when used near the South boundaries of the game it “overlays” or “obstruct” the game vision because part of the game is “under the console”. This doesn’t happen on the classic Console.

I never noticed this, i have no idea if it can be fixed. Curious this is mentioned here first more than a year after it was released, i have no idea if it can be fixed.

So what ? scroll down with mouse …
That is the Broodwar way …
But interesting no less

To say that makes it unplaybe is just laughable…
Specially in this Game, with all the s. the players neeeds to deal + questionable support and updates … THis is really not a problem …
Larva(Progamer) plays with all consoles, even with 20 annivarsery or whatever …
So if he can you also can …
I also played with it for months…