Europe server - OFFLINE

Can not login to Europe server. Looks like this is mass problem.
Players online is close to zero.
Fix asap pls.


Everyone is looking forward to a solution to this problem.

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I confirm I also have this problem. I can not connect to the server in Europe. The rest of the servers work fine.

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which servers are working properly?
are you joining from europe?
created a new account?


I have the same problem connecting to europe server ( error 3:10). All the servers works for me, i log from FRANCE using and old account.


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Rest of the servers = U.S. West, U.S. East, Korea, and Asia
I’m able to create an account and connect.

i cant join to the Europe server too - error 3:10, whats happen?

Hey all,

I passed this along to the EU people. There’s also a concurrent issue with legacy D2 in the EU region as well. I don’t know if they are related, but at least Bliz is aware of the SCR issues.

It’s working for me now.

Hereby confirm Europe is working now.

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