EUD String modification broken in 1.23.1


Current issue in 1.23.1: In-game string modification doesn’t work. When string content is modified with EUD, it updates only once and no further change applies to string.

[imgur link (gif and details)] imgurDOTcom/a/rOTBYzu

This string modification tech enables a lots of things; string concatenation, text visual effect and overcoming string space limitation. This method was found on Jan 2018, and since EUD Editor 2, easy-to-use EUD UMS making tool, added this functionality on March 2018, most recent EUD maps has been utilizing this feature. Currently, many Korean EUD map makers want this issue to be fixed soon. Please fix this as soon as possible.

[Download simple example map (with source code)]!At5gjj1Qhsn45AbDSSo2kaqs_oXj?e=WlTWVh
This example map supports both SC 1.16.1 and SC:R.
(1) In Blue Zerg Beacon, civilian’s name changes to “StarCraft: Remastered”.
(2) In Blue Protoss Beacon, the name changes to “Staredit Network”.
(3) In Green Protoss Beacon, the name changes to “(random number)”.
(4) In Green Zerg Beacon, the name changes to “(nickname of player)”.

[Download chat-command map]!At5gjj1Qhsn45AkfHSDCFaxJX0bI?e=jkXfYY
Command: p1~8 add/sub/set/mul number (number: 0 to 524287)
p1 add 100 = Add 100 Ore for Player1.
p2 sub 50 = Subtract 50 Ore for Player2.
p3 set 777 = Set Ore to 777 for Player3.
p4 mul 4000 = Multiply Ore by 4000 for Player4.

It works pretty well in 1.23.0, but it doesn’t work in 1.23.1. When string content is modified with EUD, it updates only once and no further change applies to string.

If you need more details, contact me Armo#6637, or StarEdit Network server at Discord. Thanks you for all your works on StarCraft.


I agree
Please fix this


I agree. A lot of maps that use the functions don’t work.
So i’m afraid many map makers will lose their motivation.
I’d appreciate it if you could fix it.


most korean ums-makers use that tech. need to hotfix


a lot of use-maps are not working properly because of this problem.
Most mapmakers and players think that SC:R need a hotfix because of this problem.


I agree. Many people want to use Use Map.


Please fix this asap

(Grant Davies) #8

I’ve reached out via Discord last week. Once we get more info on this issue, we’ll investigate fixing it.