Enabling Cartooned

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Hey all

After you’ve purchased Cartooned, if it doesn’t automatically switch you can try the following:

  1. Navigate to the Collections space either at the main menu located at in he bottom left corner, or via the Collections space in your character profile in Multiplayer, navigate to skins and equip it.
  2. From the ingame Options menu go to (Game) and check Show Bonus Skins


  • If you purchase Cartooned on the website you will have to equip it in one of the Collections menus.

  • Purchasing in Client should automatically switch you to Cartooned

  • Your game client must be patched to 1.23.0 in-order to use Cartooned.


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Whats a collections space? I don’t believe i’ve ever been there or equipped anything there before…


Ok so collections is on the main menu of the game, before logging into your online username, in the bottom left hand corner of the screen
for those who also cant find it …


None of these worked for me. /shrug


Once, I get the skin on, can I turn it off whenever I want and get the Remastered Graphics?

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Hey Taluct,

Yep, you can go back into Collections and re-enable the default skin which is HD.


collections is in your profile once you have logged into the server(USWEST/KOREA/USEAST).

If you click your icon at the top right of the screen once you have logged in, it will take you to your profile and that is where the collections tab will be. From there you click on the skin of your liking and you should be able to buy it from there.

It will ask you for payment method and details.


In my case (and in many other cases apparently) I had to press F5 to activate Cartoon skin after having equipped it in the collection.


i figured out how to activate it easily but, it lags a lot.