Download failed

cannot log in anymore in bw remastered it says download failed,

Is this error still occurring? Were are you seeing this when updating the game or downloading maps in game?

As for recommended steps I would start with checking the connection generally a failed download means the connection is blocked or to corrupted (Unstable Wi-Fi):

  1. Shut down the PC. Power Cycle the home network’s modem and router to refresh the connection to all devices on the network and to the Internet Service Provider. Steps on how to do this can be found Here.

  2. Once the network is back online, turn back on the PC. Flush the DNS cache using the commands Here.

  3. Reset the Windows Firewall. If you have your own private anti-virus or firewall software make sure it’s upto date and excluding the Desktop app and game from all scans.

  4. Temporarily try playing on a wired Ethernet connection to your router or modem. This step only works if you are on Wi-Fi this is a fast way to bypass Wi-Fi and rule that out as part of the issue.

Thank you!

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